Bleacher Report F1 World Championship Round I: Scuderia Toro Rosso Rules the Day

Clan Bleacher Report BATracerdotcomContributor IDecember 18, 2008

The Bleacher Report inaugural F1 world championship round was launched on Sunday, October 5th, 2008 with 20 drivers comprised of B/R writers and their guests.

Here are your final results followed by each circuit's qualifying and race results. I'll flesh out the commentary as we progress.

Game #30821 Driver's Standings;

190Craig StevanatoToro Rosso
278Ian KilpatrickRed Bull
366Ryan WoodBMW Sauber
464Sheiban ShakeriFerrari
554Matthew HoodToro Rosso
654Simon TophamRenault
749Arijit PayneForce India
846Daniel ChalmersWilliams
942Scott MalcolmRenault
1034Ben AutyMcLaren
1130Billy SextonFerrari
1226Paul MurtaghRed Bull
1323Prasenjit DasMcLaren
1420Chris LeoneHonda
159L J BurgessToyota
166Michael GriffinBMW Sauber
175Nick AutyWilliams
184Andrew WoodHonda
192Mark AndrewToyota
200Steven StonesSuper Aguri
Manufacturer's Championship
1144Toro RossoToro Rosso - Ferrari 056 - Bridgestone
2104Red BullRed Bull - Renault RS27 - Bridgestone
396RenaultRenault - Renault RS27 - Bridgestone
494FerrariFerrari - Ferrari 056 - Bridgestone
572BMW SauberBMW Sauber - BMW P86/8 - Bridgestone
657McLarenMcLaren - Mercedes FO 108V - Bridgestone
751WilliamsWilliams - Toyota RVX-08 - Bridgestone
849Force IndiaForce India - Ferrari 056 - Bridgestone
924HondaHonda - Honda RA808E - Bridgestone
1011ToyotaToyota - Toyota RVX-08 - Bridgestone
110Super AguriSuper Aguri - Honda RA808E - Bridgestone


18 Rounds Were Fought, Individual Race Results On The Following Three Pages.

Melbourne Final Result
bone dry
58 laps (six laps under safety car)
1Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops89:15.525
2Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+4.214
3Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+27.839
4Ian KilpatrickRed Bull1 stops+31.924
5Andrew WoodHonda1 stops+45.278
6Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+45.635
7Billy SextonFerrari2 stops+46.287
8L J BurgessToyota2 stops+46.362
9Simon TophamRenault2 stops+47.753
10Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+48.066
11Nick AutyWilliams2 stops+57.407
12Ben AutyMcLaren3 stops+57.851
13Michael GriffinBMW Sauber2 stops+77.398
14Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+1 laps
15Steven StonesSuper Aguri2 stops+1 laps
16Chris LeoneHonda3 stops+1 laps
17Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stopsLap 53 accident
18Arijit PayneForce India1 stopsLap 27 accident
19Sheiban ShakeriFerrari0 stopsLap 26 accident
20Ryan WoodBMW Sauber0 stopsLap 9 clutch
Sepang Final Result
wet and slippery conditions
56 laps (six laps under safety car)
1Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops103:45.930
2Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+26.525
3Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+30.611
4Chris LeoneHonda3 stops+41.593
5Paul MurtaghRed Bull4 stops+50.691
6Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+58.640
7Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+64.167
8Michael GriffinBMW Sauber1 stops+104.124
9Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+107.105
10L J BurgessToyota2 stops+108.977
11Nick AutyWilliams4 stops+1 laps
12Mark AndrewToyota2 stops+1 laps
13Ben AutyMcLaren2 stops+1 laps
14Scott MalcolmRenault3 stops+1 laps
15Simon TophamRenault2 stops+1 laps
16Billy SextonFerrari4 stopsLap 46 oil pressure
17Ryan WoodBMW Sauber3 stopsLap 42 accident
18Craig StevanatoToro Rosso1 stopsLap 29 accident
19Steven StonesSuper Aguri0 stopsLap 23 accident
20Andrew WoodHonda0 stopsLap 2 accident
Bahrain Final Result
bone dry
57 laps (0 laps under safety car)
1Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops89:10.080
2Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+27.063
3Simon TophamRenault1 stops+27.373
4Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+38.658
5Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+46.583
6Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+62.677
7Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+64.783
8Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+66.371
9Chris LeoneHonda1 stops+1 laps
10Michael GriffinBMW Sauber1 stops+1 laps
11Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+1 laps
12Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops+1 laps
13Ryan WoodBMW Sauber3 stops+1 laps
14Andrew WoodHonda1 stops+2 laps
15L J BurgessToyota1 stops+2 laps
16Billy SextonFerrari1 stops+2 laps
17Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+2 laps
18Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+2 laps
19Paul MurtaghRed Bull1 stopsLap 37 suspension
20Nick AutyWilliams0 stopsLap 9 collision


Barcelona Final Result
wet and slippery conditions
66 laps (seven laps under safety car)
1Craig StevanatoToro Rosso3 stops98:40.987
2Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+4.864
3Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+26.517
4Ryan WoodBMW Sauber4 stops+26.699
5Paul MurtaghRed Bull4 stops+51.921
6Sheiban ShakeriFerrari4 stops+62.130
7Scott MalcolmRenault2 stops+63.697
8Simon TophamRenault3 stops+72.840
9Nick AutyWilliams2 stops+73.910
10Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops+1 laps
11Andrew WoodHonda4 stops+1 laps
12Michael GriffinBMW Sauber1 stops+2 laps
13Arijit PayneForce India3 stopsLap 64 accident
14Billy SextonFerrari3 stopsLap 59 clutch
15L J BurgessToyota2 stopsLap 58 accident
16Chris LeoneHonda4 stopsLap 54 collision
17Mark AndrewToyota2 stopsLap 34 accident
18Matthew HoodToro Rosso0 stopsLap 21 accident
19Steven StonesSuper Aguri0 stopsLap 4 accident
20Prasenjit DasMcLaren0 stopsLap 1 collision
Istanbul Final Result
bone dry
57 laps (10 laps under safety car)
1Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops91:25.026
2Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+18.805
3Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+21.955
4Paul MurtaghRed Bull2 stops+43.614
5Billy SextonFerrari1 stops+44.063
6Ben AutyMcLaren2 stops+51.158
7Nick AutyWilliams2 stops+55.704
8Mark AndrewToyota2 stops+56.592
9Prasenjit DasMcLaren1 stops+59.364
10L J BurgessToyota1 stops+76.688
11Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+93.748
12Steven StonesSuper Aguri1 stops+1 laps
13Simon TophamRenault2 stopsLap 56 accident
14Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stopsLap 51 accident
15Michael GriffinBMW Sauber2 stopsLap 28 collision
16Sheiban ShakeriFerrari1 stopsLap 23 accident
17Arijit PayneForce India1 stopsLap 16 brakes
18Matthew HoodToro Rosso0 stopsLap 13 accident
19Ian KilpatrickRed Bull0 stopsLap 5 collision
20Scott MalcolmRenault0 stopsLap 1 collision
Monaco Final Result
bone dry
78 laps (five laps under safety car)
1Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops101:51.582
2Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+0.906
3Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+5.938
4Arijit PayneForce India4 stops+25.397
5Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+25.478
6Billy SextonFerrari3 stops+31.417
7Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+60.343
8Scott MalcolmRenault3 stops+1 laps
9Nick AutyWilliams3 stops+1 laps
10Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+2 laps
11Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+3 laps
12Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+4 laps
13Andrew WoodHonda2 stops+4 laps
14Simon TophamRenault2 stopsLap 73 accident
15Paul MurtaghRed Bull2 stopsLap 53 collision
16Mark AndrewToyota1 stopsLap 43 accident
17Ryan WoodBMW Sauber1 stopsLap 40 collision
18L J BurgessToyota0 stopsLap 38 tyres
19Matthew HoodToro Rosso1 stopsLap 29 accident
20Ben AutyMcLaren0 stopsLap 26 accident


Montreal Final Result
bone dry
70 laps (16 laps under safety car)
1Simon TophamRenault3 stops101:04.642
2Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+0.266
3Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+1.108
4Sheiban ShakeriFerrari3 stops+2.153
5Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+2.324
6Paul MurtaghRed Bull2 stops+3.531
7Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+4.078
8Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+5.004
9Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+6.342
10Billy SextonFerrari2 stops+8.070
11Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+9.304
12Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+51.239
13Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+1 laps
14Nick AutyWilliams1 stops+1 laps
15Steven StonesSuper Aguri2 stops+1 laps
16Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+1 laps
17Ben AutyMcLaren2 stopsLap 65 accident
18L J BurgessToyota2 stopsLap 49 accident
19Chris LeoneHonda0 stopsLap 5 accident
20Ryan WoodBMW Sauber0 stopsLap 1 collision


Magny Cours Final Result
bone dry
70 laps (0 laps under safety car)
1Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops91:49.443
2Billy SextonFerrari2 stops+4.605
3Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stops+5.613
4Simon TophamRenault2 stops+7.583
5Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+14.087
6Chris LeoneHonda1 stops+45.208
7Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+46.395
8Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+58.105
9Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops+58.880
10Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+75.198
11L J BurgessToyota1 stops+1 laps
12Matthew HoodToro Rosso3 stops+1 laps
13Nick AutyWilliams2 stops+1 laps
14Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+1 laps
15Michael GriffinBMW Sauber2 stops+2 laps
16Mark AndrewToyota1 stops+3 laps
17Steven StonesSuper Aguri1 stops+4 laps
18Andrew WoodHonda1 stopsLap 39 front wing
19Sheiban ShakeriFerrari1 stopsLap 35 accident
20Ben AutyMcLaren0 stopsLap 35 accident


Silverstone Final Result
bone dry
60 laps (11 laps under safety car)
1Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops91:16.475
2Simon TophamRenault1 stops+7.726
3Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+8.697
4Arijit PayneForce India3 stops+9.717
5Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stops+10.496
6Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+14.321
7Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+15.456
8Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+15.572
9Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+16.528
10Scott MalcolmRenault2 stops+20.425
11Prasenjit DasMcLaren1 stops+29.606
12L J BurgessToyota2 stops+35.334
13Michael GriffinBMW Sauber1 stops+38.745
14Billy SextonFerrari2 stops+57.445
15Andrew WoodHonda2 stops+68.945
16Ben AutyMcLaren3 stops+75.831
17Mark AndrewToyota2 stops+78.729
18Steven StonesSuper Aguri1 stops+2 laps
19Nick AutyWilliams1 stopsLap 45 tyres
20Chris LeoneHonda0 stopsLap 12 collision


Hockenheim Final Result
bone dry
67 laps (0 laps under safety car)
1Simon TophamRenault2 stops86:55.211
2Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops+18.082
3Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+24.686
4Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+31.541
5Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops+58.637
6Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+66.574
7Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+70.593
8Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+1 laps
9L J BurgessToyota2 stops+1 laps
10Nick AutyWilliams2 stops+1 laps
11Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+1 laps
12Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+1 laps
13Mark AndrewToyota2 stops+2 laps
14Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+2 laps
15Paul MurtaghRed Bull1 stops+2 laps
16Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+3 laps
17Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+3 laps
18Arijit PayneForce India2 stopsLap 62 accident
19Prasenjit DasMcLaren1 stopsLap 37 transmission
20Billy SextonFerrari1 stopsLap 26 gearbo


Hungaroring Final Result
70 laps (10 laps under safety car)
1Ian KilpatrickRed Bull1 stops97:56.497
2Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+10.668
3Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops+11.605
4Scott MalcolmRenault2 stops+24.178
5Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+36.286
6Nick AutyWilliams1 stops+36.472
7Ryan WoodBMW Sauber3 stops+37.490
8Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+37.658
9Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+38.072
10L J BurgessToyota3 stops+74.971
11Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+1 laps
12Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+1 laps
13Andrew WoodHonda2 stops+2 laps
14Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+2 laps
15Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stopsLap 49 throttle
16Paul MurtaghRed Bull2 stopsLap 41 accident
17Chris LeoneHonda0 stopsLap 31 collision
18Simon TophamRenault1 stopsLap 31 collision
19Michael GriffinBMW Sauber0 stopsLap 14 accident
20Billy SextonFerrari0 stopsLap 2 collision


Valencia Final Result
bone dry
59 laps (eight laps under safety car)
1Arijit PayneForce India1 stops103:12.480
2Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+1.055
3Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops+9.075
4Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+11.290
5Ian KilpatrickRed Bull1 stops+13.793
6Ben AutyMcLaren2 stops+13.977
7Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+14.451
8Simon TophamRenault2 stops+17.164
9Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+17.803
10Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+40.963
11Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+41.795
12Billy SextonFerrari3 stops+42.413
13Michael GriffinBMW Sauber2 stops+71.672
14Nick AutyWilliams3 stops+74.822
15Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+1 laps
16Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+1 laps
17Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stops+2 laps
18Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stopsLap 47 accident
19L J BurgessToyota1 stopsLap 39 accident
20Chris LeoneHonda1 stopsLap 29 collision


Spa-Francorchamps Final Result
bone dry
44 laps (six laps under safety car)
1Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops93:33.534
2Ben AutyMcLaren2 stops+12.332
3Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+25.805
4Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+39.439
5Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+41.566
6Simon TophamRenault1 stops+55.200
7Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+55.749
8Billy SextonFerrari1 stops+68.188
9L J BurgessToyota1 stops+70.499
10Nick AutyWilliams1 stops+76.526
11Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+77.913
12Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+107.406
13Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+111.745
14Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+1 laps
15Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+1 laps
16Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+1 laps
17Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+2 laps
18Ryan WoodBMW Sauber3 stopsLap 37 accident
19Paul MurtaghRed Bull0 stopsLap 7 accident
20Matthew HoodToro Rosso0 stopsLap 4 throttle


Monza Final Result
bone dry
53 laps (four laps under safety car)
1Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops79:09.118
2Simon TophamRenault2 stops+3.009
3Ryan WoodBMW Sauber1 stops+7.147
4Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+7.834
5Prasenjit DasMcLaren1 stops+17.168
6L J BurgessToyota1 stops+24.008
7Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+30.841
8Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+40.161
9Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+45.542
10Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+48.347
11Billy SextonFerrari3 stops+48.944
12Nick AutyWilliams3 stops+49.080
13Chris LeoneHonda3 stops+65.349
14Michael GriffinBMW Sauber2 stops+1 laps
15Paul MurtaghRed Bull1 stops+1 laps
16Steven StonesSuper Aguri2 stops+2 laps
17Mark AndrewToyota1 stops+2 laps
18Scott MalcolmRenault1 stopsLap 39 accident
19Andrew WoodHonda1 stopsLap 17 collision
20Ian KilpatrickRed Bull0 stopsLap 9 exhaust
Singapore Final Result
treacherous rain and spray
61 laps (seven laps under safety car)
1Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops110:12.147
2Ryan WoodBMW Sauber1 stops+95.099
3Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+1 laps
4Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+1 laps
5Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+2 laps
6Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+2 laps
7L J BurgessToyota3 stops+2 laps
8Daniel ChalmersWilliams3 stops+2 laps
9Sheiban ShakeriFerrari3 stops+2 laps
10Chris LeoneHonda3 stops+3 laps
11Mark AndrewToyota3 stops+3 laps
12Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+4 laps
13Simon TophamRenault3 stops+4 laps
14Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+4 laps
15Paul MurtaghRed Bull4 stops+6 laps
16Nick AutyWilliams3 stopsLap 59 accident
17Billy SextonFerrari2 stopsLap 51 accident
18Scott MalcolmRenault2 stopsLap 44 accident
19Ben AutyMcLaren0 stopsLap 26 exhaust
20Matthew HoodToro Rosso0 stopsLap 1 collision


Fuji Final Result
67 laps (0 laps under safety car)
1Matthew HoodToro Rosso3 stops104:03.835
2Billy SextonFerrari2 stops+18.013
3Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+19.247
4Prasenjit DasMcLaren2 stops+23.711
5Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+26.683
6Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+31.759
7Ian KilpatrickRed Bull1 stops+51.015
8Scott MalcolmRenault1 stops+56.516
9Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+1 laps
10Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops+1 laps
11Mark AndrewToyota4 stops+2 laps
12L J BurgessToyota2 stops+2 laps
13Ben AutyMcLaren3 stops+2 laps
14Steven StonesSuper Aguri2 stops+3 laps
15Michael GriffinBMW Sauber4 stops+3 laps
16Chris LeoneHonda3 stops+3 laps
17Nick AutyWilliams4 stops+3 laps
18Paul MurtaghRed Bull2 stops+5 laps
19Simon TophamRenault2 stopsLap 57 accident
20Andrew WoodHonda3 stopsLap 50 gearbox
Shanghai Final Result
steady rain
56 laps (0 laps under safety car)
1Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops96:24.360
2Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+55.735
3Daniel ChalmersWilliams1 stops+56.565
4Ryan WoodBMW Sauber2 stops+59.063
5Billy SextonFerrari4 stops+68.060
6Sheiban ShakeriFerrari2 stops+1 laps
7Simon TophamRenault1 stops+1 laps
8Mark AndrewToyota4 stops+1 laps
9Matthew HoodToro Rosso2 stops+1 laps
10Nick AutyWilliams4 stops+1 laps
11Scott MalcolmRenault4 stops+1 laps
12L J BurgessToyota3 stops+2 laps
13Steven StonesSuper Aguri4 stops+2 laps
14Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+2 laps
15Arijit PayneForce India2 stops+2 laps
16Andrew WoodHonda3 stops+2 laps
17Ben AutyMcLaren1 stops+3 laps
18Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stops+3 laps
19Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+3 laps
20Prasenjit DasMcLaren1 stopsLap 32 accident
Interlagos Final Result
light rain
71 laps (seven laps under safety car)
1Sheiban ShakeriFerrari3 stops99:53.399
2Matthew HoodToro Rosso3 stops+4.776
3Ryan WoodBMW Sauber3 stops+9.350
4Arijit PayneForce India3 stops+9.596
5Daniel ChalmersWilliams2 stops+21.524
6L J BurgessToyota2 stops+22.066
7Prasenjit DasMcLaren3 stops+22.809
8Ian KilpatrickRed Bull2 stops+45.008
9Mark AndrewToyota2 stops+46.972
10Michael GriffinBMW Sauber3 stops+54.382
11Ben AutyMcLaren2 stops+65.905
12Chris LeoneHonda2 stops+66.181
13Craig StevanatoToro Rosso2 stops+77.740
14Billy SextonFerrari4 stops+1 laps
15Simon TophamRenault3 stops+1 laps
16Steven StonesSuper Aguri3 stops+1 laps
17Paul MurtaghRed Bull3 stops+1 laps
18Nick AutyWilliams3 stops+2 laps
19Scott MalcolmRenault4 stopsLap 67 accident
20Andrew WoodHonda3 stopsLap 48 accident


With his final win at Shanghai, Craig Stevanato could afford to sit back and cruise to his first Bleacher Report World Championship by finishing 13th in the final round.


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