"Michigan Blues" Is Not The Color Of Our Jerseys!

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

What do you say to a University of Michigan and a Detroit Lions football fan? A loyal football fan, whose teams have a combined record of 3-23? Well, you tell such a fan,"At least you have your health."

The Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions are but an hour's drive away from each other, but their similarities are even closer.

1. Both teams have offensive schemes that won't work simply because they have the wrong personnel.  Rich Rodriguez want to run the spread option, an offense that requires a athletic QB; the problem is he doesn't have an athletic QB; Rod Marinelli wants a power running game; the problem is, he has no running back. 

2. Both teams are hurting their defenses with QB turnovers. I don't who's worse, "Steven's Treats" or "Jon's Picknas."

3. Both had heart breaking losses to teams they should had beaten, with the last play coming down to a field goal.

But of all of the similarities, none is more relevant than the mentality of both coaches. Both Rich Rodriguez and Rod Marinelli understand by now that their perspective offenses cannot score with the talent they have, yet they both had chosen not to adapt to the situation. Like the stubborn mules they are, they're going to stick to their systems, even if it kill them or us.

Yes, I have the Michigan blues. Early this year, Detroiters we're talking future super bowl and national championships raining down on Michigan like rain. Now, as we look around, we see nothing but desert. The faults are very well proportioned; a combination of bad hirings, bad selection of players, bad schemes, bad attitudes and just plain bad luck.

Right now, there are a hand full of Wolverine and Lion players that are asking themselves,"Maybe I should go play football somewhere else." Right now, William Clay Ford and Bill Martin are asking themselves, "should I fire this coach?"; and the fans are probably asking themselves,"Should I continue supporting this garbage?"

I'm numb right now. I'm out of profanities, because I used up the rest this past week; can't kick the couch, because it'll only make my cast itch; can't throw nothing at the TV, because it's brand new (don't ask).

But most important, with two Lions games left to go, I can't really celebrate any victory; neither teams will have a chance of winning any championship. Halfway through both seasons, and I'm already starting 2009 Lions draft and UM recruiting threads. 

I can't speak for you, but I can speak for myself. Despite it all, I will continue to support them. Why? Because being a true fan of bad teams is like being a witness to a train wreck; despite the horror, you can't help but to look and wonder if something positive comes out of it. Sigh...

Oh well, at least we have Spartans Football...

Aw, screw that...Find me a very high cliff with sharp, jagged rocks at the bottom...I'm doing a header!