Don't Get Fooled Again, Losman Demotion Is A Scam

Todd Morse@@TheRiddleClassAnalyst IDecember 18, 2008

In business, the goal is to make money.  The Bills are a business.  Unless the team has an overwhelming sense of empathy, when a massive percentage of their income is from resources other than ticket sales, they have no reason to care about fans. 

In business, the best managers are able to evaluate their employees, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and puts them in a position to succeed.  In the NFL, the best coaches and front offices do the same.  

Maybe the team tried to move JP in the offseason and there were no takers. Maybe they overvalued him and decided that offers weren't good enough.  Maybe they decided Losman as a backup for a season was workable. 

It was always, and still is, incredibly evident that not moving Losman in the offseason was a huge mistake. However, when the decision is made to keep a player, a good front office and a good coach should do everything possible to put a player in a position not to fail.  Losman is, by all accounts, a failure at football, but that does not exonerate the coaches who put him in a position to fail.  

Over the past week, the team demoted Losman to third string and elevated Gibran Hamdan above him. This has occurred after a devastating Week 14 loss, in which a terrible play call, and terrible play by Losman, eliminated the Bills from their already fading playoff hopes.  Keep in mind, this has happened while preparing for Week 15. 

I have heard very little except praise for the move.  Let me tell you all, the demotion of JP Losman is a shameful marketing ploy, and should not be heralded.  Gibran Hamdan was drafted with the 232nd pick, in the seventh round, of the 2003 draft.

Yes, you read correctly, the 2003 draft.  This is the same draft which produced Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller and Rex Grossman as first round picks, Dave Ragone, Chris Simms, Seneca Wallace, Brian St. Pierre, Drew Henson, Brooks Bollinger, Kliff Kingsbury, and Ken Dorsey.  And only Dorsey was drafted after Hamdan.

Hamdan's best college season at Indiana, he threw for 2115 yards and nine touchdowns.  In five years (FIVE YEARS!) in the league, Hamdan has thrown two passes (and completed one). In fact, Hamdan is one month older than JP Losman. 

If Hamdan is better than Losman, he should have been second string all season. Losman may have made a terrible mistake against the Jets, a mistake Bills fans should be used to by now from JP, but Gibran Hamdan is a journeyman, perpetual third-string quarterback.

And now that things are irrelevant in Bills-land, and Trent Edwards has suddenly transformed from unable to walk, to able to start this Sunday, Losman should be his backup.  The Bills are not an NFL farm team, and should not be letting Gibran Hamdan sniff the playing field unless both quarterbacks are injured. 

The Bills are an inept organization who continually sell snake oil to anyone who will believe.  Flutie, Johnson, Bledsoe, Milloy, Spikes, Losman, McGahee, Posluzny, Stroud—all average players whom the Bills have continually tried to make into more than they are.  And everyone has believed. 

Anyone who feels good about the demotion, either out of spite for Losman or because they think Hamdan could possibly be Matt Cassel, believe this - there is a reason Hamdan is on the Bills and not the Patriots.

Gibran Hamdan elevated, JP Losman demoted.  Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss. All I know is, Pete Townshend must have been a Bills fan.