NFL Week 16 Picks

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IDecember 18, 2008

Okay, stumbled a little last week to an 8-8 record. Not that it matters, but the majority of my losses were by one score or less (e.g. Kansas City, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and was SO tempted to pick Houston). So this week, I'll try to go with my heart.



Indianapolis over Jacksonville: The Colts have never been swept by the Jaguars since they became division opponents in 2002. The Jags pulled off a last-second field goal upset in Week Three back when the Colts were even more of a flop than the Chargers.  Things have changed since then. What once looked like a promising season in Jacksonville has now resorted back to their expansion days.



Dallas over Baltimore: Dallas is back on track and it is now a fact that they are better when they DON'T throw to T.O.  Since he's not going to the Pro Bowl this year, maybe he can work on cutting the brakes of the plane that will be flying Jason Witten to Hawaii. The only chance the Cowboys have of losing this game is if S.O.B., I mean T.O. starts running his mouth. IF...

New England over Arizona: Possible Super Bowl matchup? Maybe not this year, but it could still be good. The Vikings beat the Cardinals worse than a pair of shoes beats George W. They have nothing to play for while the Pats are hungry and desperate.

Minnesota over Atlanta: Who thought we'd see Tarvaris Jackson lead the Vikings in a blowout this season? Both teams have motivation, as Minnesota can clinch their first division since 2000 and Atlanta still has a shot for a surprising playoff spot. But I think the Vikings are hot right now and won't be stopped.

Tennessee over Pittsburgh: I've got to say, I'm beginning to question Jeff Fisher. He has the best kicker in the league and he chooses NOT to try a field-goal attempt and go for it on 4th-and-long?

Titans kicker Rob Bironas supplied all of his team's points last week, yet with the game ending, Fisher NOW thinks that his offense can win the game for them? Even in the Lions' rout, it wasn't the offense that led the way. But Fisher is smart, and won't make the same mistake two weeks in a row. Look for Bironas to nail a last-second field goal to ice home field for the Titans.

New Orleans over Detroit: Believe it or not, this is the game I'm having the toughest time picking. The Saints have a habit of choking no matter how well Drew Brees plays.  With Reggie Bush out, that could spell an upset. No, not an upset. A catastrophic disaster. Still, they are playing Detroit.



Giants over Carolina: Let's see, I've missed the last two weeks picking the Giants so my head goes with Carolina. But my hear tells me that Tom Coughlin whipped his players back into focus and realization that this is a playoff game.

But maybe it's not such a good thing to have home field, as the last NFC team that had home field and won the Super Bowl was the 1999 Rams. But the Giants will take advantage of the home crowd, and as long as their receivers start pulling their weight and the defense gets after Delhomme, the road to Tampa Bay will go through East Rutherford, NJ.

Jets over Seattle: I have to hand it to Mike Holmgren. If I were him, who was already going to quit, I'd pull the old Bobby Petrino and resign right now. But then again, Petrino left for another job, while Holmgren is leaving for AARP membership.

Philadelphia over Washington: The Redskins once looked like one of the big surprises with Jim Zorn hailed as the hot new coach while the Eagles looked like a sinking ship with head coach Andy Reid on the hot seat.

The positions have switched, as the Eagles actually have a chance for a playoff berth.  The hope will stay alive this week.



Miami over Kansas City: Miami's playoff and division title hopes are still alive. The Chiefs nearly pulled off an upset over the Chargers last week and are playing some entertaining football which keeps this game out of the toilet bowl.

Denver over Buffalo: The Bills invented a new way to lose last week that made Detroit cringe.  After the first few weeks it looked like a return to the early '90s with the strong no huddle offense Buffalo Bills, and the John Elway powerhouse Broncos. History usually repeats itself, but not in this case.

Tampa Bay over San Diego: The Chargers lucked out almost as much as the Jets last week. It all depends on if Jeff Garcia starts. If he does, expect the Bucs to break their two-game skid.

Houston over Oakland: The Texans a hot team? Well, it's happening. They have a chance for the first winning season in team history. One team standing in the way is the Raiders...I know, I laughed as I typed that sentence.

Chicago over Green Bay: It's always fun when these two teams meet even if one or both suck.  Chicago has done better than expected this year, but then again we expected Rex Grossman to be the starter.

We also expected Aaron Rodgers as the Green Bay starter, but couldn't that Brett Favre would return to football to psychologically scar his former team.



Cincinnati over Cleveland: I just think it would be funny to see the Browns with Ken Dorsey, be so bad that they lose to the Bengals at home. The Bengals beat a much better Washington Redskins team last week. This game smells so foul it redefines a toilet. 

San Francisco over St. Louis: If Mike Singletary and Shaun Hill had their positions at the start of the season...