Robert Rowell Digs The Golden State Warriors' Own Grave

Garlic boyCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

The downfall of the Warriors can be placed one person:  Robert Rowell.

Chris Mullin came to the Warriors as a special assistant in 2002.  As he was promoted to GM he had made a select few mistakes with the long term contracts handed out to the likes of Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Jason Richardson and Adonal Foyle. 

He erased three of those contracts by trading them and netting Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington and Brandan Wright.  He also acquired the other three starters for the Warriors in Baron Davis via trade, Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins through the draft. 

In essence the 2006 Warriors playoff team was slowly and diligently built by Chris Mullin. The effort was taken in acquiring the right types of players while creating cap space for the future.

It took Robert Rowell one summer to demolish everything that took Mullin so long to create. 

1.) Robert Rowell refused to extend Baron Davis' contract.

*This would be okay, if the Warriors decided to rebuild and go completely young but instead Rowell spends money on a wing...   

2.) In a panic move Rowell signs Corey Maggette for five years and 50 million dollars.  A player who duplicates what we already have on the wing with Jackson, and does not address the areas of necesity at power forward and point guard since Davis was not resigned.

3.) Further weakening the Warriors salary cap situation and flexibility for the future, the Warriors gave Stephen Jackson a three year extension. Instead they could have traded him for a younger more team oriented Tayshaun Prince, or traded him and Harrington for picks and expiring contracts. 

4.) Robert Rowell then trades Al Harrington for another guard in Jamal Crawford, who has an extra year on his contract and adds another wing, further depleting the playing time of young guards like DeMarcus Nelson, Anthony Morrow and Marco Belinelli.

For Warriors nation, things are not looking good. We have a non-basketball guy, making basketball decisions.  The Warriors have no direction.  This summer we had two choices, resign Davis and maintain our current squad, or go completely young. 

Rowell chose to do neither and put us back into mediocrity, the worse place for a franchise to be.  We're not bad enough for a top three pick, but not good enough for the playoffs.  No question about it, Rowell put us in no man's land and spent our future salary cap space.

Instead of Maggette and Crawford playing we should be giving time to Wright, Randolph, Belinelli, Morrow, Nelson, Watson, Kurz and Hendrix. 

It's sad that after years of waiting through the Antawn Jamison, Mike Dunleavy JR,  Troy Murphy, Adonal Foyle era's to be treated to the 2006 "We Believe" team, it only took Rowell one summer, JUST ONE SUMMER!!!  To completely destroy everything. 

Warrior fans should bring "Fire Robert Rowell" signs to the arena or better yet not even go to the games or purchase merchandise until this idiot is fired.

We are going to lose one of the best young GM's in the game in Chris Mullin when we should be losing Rowell.

FIRE ROBERT ROWELL!!! Enough is enough!