Baltimore Ravens' Frank Walker Spits in Mitch Berger's Mouth During Game

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

Frank Walker of the Ravens spit in Steelers punter Mitch Berger's mouth during the Steelers and Ravens game last Sunday.

After Jeff Reed kicked the extra point following Pittsburgh's game-winning TD in Baltimore, Walker rolled toward Reed's plant leg after trying to block the kick. Reed says it was a deliberate attempt to take him out.

Reed and Walker exchanged words and shoves, then Mitch Berger jumped in to stop the scuffle. And if I could quote Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "that's when the spit hit the fan."

Walker turned and spit right in Berger's mouth as he was about to say something.

Walker says it was just a "slobber moment" and a total accident.

Berger said that he intentionally hocked a loogie and it landed in his mouth.

All Walker could say to that was "I don't care. I hate Pittsburgh." Well, congratulations Frank, Pittsburgh hates you, too.

And you should probably care about that big, fat fine your going to receive from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

But here's a shocker: The NFL is NOT fining Walker for his actions due to, get this, lack of visual evidence!

Really? Lack of visual evidence? That's because the evidence is most likely all over the field at M&T Bank Stadium, or digesting in Mitch Berger's gut.

Sean Taylor once spit in a Buccaneers player's face and got fined $17,000. Why can't Roger Goodell keep the theme going and fine Walker?

If your going to fine Hines Ward for unnecessary roughness when there was no penalty on the field, then you are almost obligated to fine someone for spitting in someone else's mouth.