South Park Penn State Video: Writers Just Daring People to Be Offended Now

Matt KingFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2011

Last night's South Park was...interesting.

The show is known for being able to tackle topical subjects in a timeliness like nobody else because of their famous six-day production schedule, so for them to take on Penn State shouldn't have been surprising. But it was.

South Park didn't so much build their show around the Penn State scandal as much as they used it as a running joke throughout the episode.

It should be noted that the character who kept making the Penn State jokes was portrayed as a hack comedian who, as noted by Cartman, was just rehashing old Catholic church and Michael Jackson jokes. It seemed like the writers were more making fun of the people that were making fun of the Penn State scandal and less making fun of it themselves.

In fact, those jokes were compared with old "yo mama is so poor" jokes in that they were old and lame.

Still...the cojones on these guys. In the documentary on Comedy Central, Six Days to Air, Trey Parker commented that it's almost impossible for them to offend people now. They've given their twisted take on so many issues that when people do get offended, other people are like, "F-- you, it's just South Park."

And yet, everything they've made fun of in the past was either by use of biting social commentary or by just being so bizarre that being offended was almost impossible (the "Red Hot Catholic Love" episode with the giant spider springs to mind).

This was satire, but it was done in such an odd way that it seemed like they were almost daring people to be offended. They took an issue that has invoked such strong reactions from everyone around the country and made the most rudimentary jokes about it. 

To me it seemed like almost a challenge for people to get offended. These guys opened this season with a take on The Human Centipede that involved someone defecating in one of the boys' mouths, and people didn't even bat an eye.

What more could they do than taking one of the most serious scandals in recent history and treating it like a big "yo mama" joke?

I'm torn on it all. I see where they were going with it and I understand why they did it, but there were definitely parts that made me uncomfortable. Maybe that was the whole point.

Either way, it's definitely going to get some strong reactions out of people.