John Tavares and New York Islanders Unveil Hideous New Alternate Jerseys

Stefan KubusAnalyst INovember 16, 2011

The New York Islanders have officially unveiled their alternate uniforms Wednesday with captains Mark Streit and John Tavares on-hand, as well as Matt Moulson, Kyle Okposo, and Michael Grabner.

The new sweaters are black with blue, orange, and white trim on the shoulders, sleeves, and sides. The front features "Islanders" arched upwards, with the player number underneath, similar to the Dallas Stars' home and away jerseys. Both the name and number are orange with a white outline, as seen in the picture. 

When I initially heard the news this past summer about a new third jersey, I had hoped for something that featured orange as the base color. I had seen this design leaked, and was hoping it wouldn't be, but it turned out being an accurate leak. No other teams, besides Philadelphia, have an orange jersey. It's one of the more unique colors in the game today, and the Islanders could have done some very unique things with it.

Sadly, it just wasn't the case.

Now, traditionally, the Islanders have never worn black. Their colors since inception have been blue, orange, and white. If you include their mid-90s jerseys, you could throw teal in there, too 

I applaud them for wanting to try a new route, but this just wasn't the right one. There's only one theory I have on where that black came from: the MLB's New York Mets. These jerseys look just like the Mets' black jerseys. If that's the sort of character they were going for, then I pity the designers. 

This may be one of the worst jerseys in sports right now. The font just looks awkwardly simple, and there's nothing special about the "Islanders" across the chest there. They have a classic logo that should have been implemented. 

Regardless, this is only an alternate jersey, so it's not a huge deal in the scheme of thing. But I can't imagine many classic Islanders fans are happy about this one.

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Now that they've officially been unveiled, what do you think of them?