Ten Deserving TNA Championship Contenders

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIINovember 17, 2011

Ten Deserving TNA Championship Contenders

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    TNA has a lot of great talent on its roster. Sadly, many of the championship-caliber performers aren't getting the shot they are (more than) ready for.Some are wasted in mediocre stories, while others aren't even that lucky and don't get on TV.

    I've compiled a video slideshow of ten people on the roster who should be in contention for a title in Impact Wrestling. These are men and women I think should be in contention for one or more titles, if they aren't all ready.

    So, without further delay, read away.

Zema Ion

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    Zema Ion was introduced to the Impact Wrestling world during the buildup for TNA's all-X-Division pay-per-view Destination-X. He defeated two other wrestlers to earn a spot in a Fatal Four-Way at the PPV, which was won by Austin Aries.

    Impact called many of the competitors from the tourney with contracts and Zema Ion—changing his name from Shiima Xion—arrived in the X-Division where, with his skill and flamboyance, I was sure he would be a big star. 

    That said however, he hasn't had the impact I thought he would, being relegated to jobber at this point to the (in my opinion) less interesting Jesse Sorenson in a squash match where Zema got off two moves before being pinned.

    Personally, I feel Zema can be used better. He hasn't had a chance to show it in TNA, but he's not a bad talker.He's fluid and innovative in the ring and can really excite the crowd with his charisma and style.

    I think he would make an excellent X-Division Champion—a good challenger for Austin Aries—or perhaps, if he truly is a face, he could team up with "The Shore Thing" and your reigning Television Champion: Robbie E. to form a stable with Robbie T.

    I think the team would help get Robbie more experience and credibility, as well as helping get Zema some mic time should they hunt the World Tag Titles.


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    The former two-time TNA Knockouts champion isn't looking too good right now.

    After losing her title to Velvet Sky (without ever getting a rematch), Winter and her "lover"—for lack of a better term—have seemingly vanished from Impact Wrestling.

    That's a shame, as Winter is my favorite TNA Knockout and arguably the best girl on the roster. She has a great mix of uniqueness and ability that make her a must-have and must-see, in my opinion, and it's too bad she's had a poor run in TNA akin to Christian's time as a two-time World Heavyweight champion.

    Here's hoping that in the near future, once she returns, we'll be able to see more of Winter, along with Angelina Love, as they both make very good Knockout Champions as well as Knockout Tag Team Champions.


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    Multiple X-Division champion and former TNA World Tag Team champion Kazarian has been with TNA from the start—albeit taking a small break to test the waters of WWE—and has always been a reliable hand in the ring.

    That said, with such potential Kazarian may go down in TNA as one of the best not to hold the Impact World Championship at the rate he's going. Many times he's proven himself to be the best of the best in the X-Division and, for a short while, was at the top of the TNA Tag Team wrestling world.

    Even so, I think Kazarian is more than ready to move on to something more. The Television Championship, maybe? Perhaps even the World Title?

    I don't see a reason why Impact couldn't have "The Future" be the present and World Heavyweight Champion of the promotion.

Jeff Hardy

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    Say what you will about the Charismatic Enigma: the man has a checkered past. It's hard to look past that when it comes to being a business man, but when it comes down to it, nobody can deny that Jeff Hardy is one of the most entertaining, charismatic and exciting superstars in the history of our sport.

    To this day, we still talk about how great TLC matches were, some of the moments Jeff's given us by putting his body on the line and how phenomenal his rise to super stardom has been.

    I think it's safe to say that, at his best, Jeff Hardy can be "The Man."

    I truly believe that one day soon, Jeff Hardy will once again be in contention for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and maybe down the line, he'll partner up with ol' Mr. Anderson to make a run at the TNA Tag Team Championships.

    As long as Hardy can keep his nose clean, there's no telling how great he can be in TNA.


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    This may come as a bit of a shock to some people—and I don't know why—but I'm starting to really get with Gunner. Maybe it was his whole "Chain of Command" promo last week, but it kind of clicked with me that he really felt what he was saying.

    Maybe Impact should roll with that and give him a jarhead gimmick, but this isn't about that. I think Gunner could make a good champion. He made an impressive Television Champion in the past, so that's one route I could see him going.

    Another would be to have the big man find a tag partner, perhaps Scott Steiner could take him under his wing and help lead the two towards the tag team titles. I think it would make for a pretty good team with high impact and versatility as its weapons.

Douglas Williams

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    "The Finest Thing in Life" Douglas Williams is currently on the shelf, I believe, with an injury at the hands of Hernandez, but I believe he'll be back soon and better than ever.

    When he comes back, I look forward to seeing his masterful ways in the ring.

    Douglas has that entertaining and surprisingly-rare technical and high-flying hybrid style of wrestling that, I for one, am a big fan of. He can come at you from the top rope with a big knee or leave you discombobulated with that work of art known as "The Chaos Theory."

    As a former IWGP and TNA Tag Team Champion, it's not hard to imagine him joining Magnus again as The British Invasion.With that, the two could become TNAs top team quickly.

    On the other hand, Williams is no stranger to singles gold. As a former two-time X-Division Champion and Television Champion, Williams could just as easily choose to set his sights on either of those or even the World Championship. 

    Douglas Williams has all the tools to get it done and, as a veteran, would make for an interesting and savvy Champion at any level.

D'Angelo Dinero

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    My favorite wrestler in TNA right now, hands down, is The Pope and with good reason. Since arriving in TNA a few years back, the Pope has shown many times to have main event and championship-caliber ability in every aspect of his game.

    From the mic to the ring to that intangible "it" factor, Dinero is well known to have it all. At one point he was challenging for the TNA World Championship, before his push was surprisingly dropped.

    That said, in the time that he spent in the main-event, I think the Pope has made an impression on a lot of fans that said he wouldn't make it big in TNA.

    With that, the Pope turned me—and no doubt a lot of other people—into fans, and I believe that warrants at least one instance where the Pope is Champion.

    Many have clamored for The Pope to be in the World Title hunt. I'm one of those people, but I also believe Pope could find a place in the Television Division and could even enlist the aid of a Mr. Anderson, or more likely Devon, as his tag partner in an attempt to challenge for the World Tag Team Titles.

Christopher Daniels

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    Christopher Daniels has had quite a time with his stints in TNA. He's gone by Christopher Daniels, "The Fallen Angel," Daniels, Suicide and my personal favorite, Curryman. No matter the role or the name, CD has always been a great sight to wrestling fans.

    Despite arguably never getting his due, Daniels is a very well-decorated man in TNA. A multiple-time X-Division and Tag Team Champion, he is noted for being one half of one of the most celebrated teams in TNA history (along with A.J. Styles).

    Recently turning heel, I believe Chris is at his best at this moment and it wouldn't be a shocker to anyone if he was holding gold at some point. The Television Championship would look nice with Daniels, as would the World Title. After all, according to Daniels it's Impact Wrestling: Where Christopher Daniels Matters.

Brooke Tessmacher

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    When she made her debut as a wrestler, I think Brooke was a pleasant surprise to people.

    Maybe it was because they didn't know about her, or that she was a former WWE Diva, but many expected her to be a burden in the ring. I think it's safe to say she's fixed that type of thinking.

    Brooke has come a long way in her time in TNA and has seemingly come into her own in the past few months that she's been teaming with Tara while holding the Knockout Tag Team Champions. I'll admit it, I'm a fan of Ms. Tessmacher.

    Impact seems to have blown off any feuds between the current and former KO Tag Champs, but I still believe that the two teams could put on some good matches and, along with that, perhaps Tessy will be able to challenge for the Knockouts Championship in the near future.

Brian Kendrick

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    The X-Division Savior, if you will, Brian Kendrick is one of my favorite guys in Impact Wrestling, and one of the more underrated talents on the roster.

    A former X-Division Champion and one of the key players in the biggest X-Division story in recent years, Brian Kendrick has cemented his place in Impact Wrestling.

    Like Douglas Williams, Kendrick employs a mix of high flying and technical genius in the ring. He does a lot of things you wouldn't expect of someone his size, but he makes them work. As a result, he can really impress with his skill.

    I may get some heat for this, but I believe Kendrick could be a champion at any level. If he were to continue to challenge for the X-Division Championship, I think that would be cool, but if "The Wizard of Odd" were to move on to bigger and better things, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    Eric Young would make a great tag partner for Kendrick and Brian wouldn't be a bad TV Champion. I would love it if he even wanted to make a run for the World Championship.