WWE Survivor Series 2011: Will Mick Foley Get Involved in the Main Event?

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent INovember 18, 2011

He's back!  Or, is he?  The legendary Mick Foley returned to WWE's airwaves, courtesy of his excruciating rendition of "This is Your Life" on the go-home Monday Night Raw before Survivor Series.

Rhetoric among the Internet Wrestling Community is flooded with questions about whether or not Foley or one of his three faces will have an impact on the highly anticipated main event tag team match between Awesome Truth and the superstar duo of the Rock and John Cena at Madison Square Garden.  This is where I’m torn.

The WWE fan in me fully believes that Foley will factor into the match’s outcome.  How can he not? 

Considering the circumstances, there are endless angles WWE bookers can utilize.  I’m sure Foley didn’t appreciate receiving a Rock Bottom from his good friend The People’s Champ on Raw

Maybe Foley returns the favor and screws the Rock out of a Survivor Series win.  It could add fuel to the fire as we start to turn our attention to the Rock/Cena WrestleMania showdown.

Just as easily as Foley could turn on the Rock, he could stab Cena in the back.  Surely legions of Cena haters don’t buy Foley’s praise of Cena’s wrestling capability.

Perhaps Foley is simply lulling Cena into a false sense of security before turning on his supposed friend.  And let’s not forget the other side of the equation.

Foley recently made headlines when he mentioned in an interview that he wants to face the Miz (one half of Awesome Truth) in a future match.  Having Foley sabotage Awesome Truth’s plans for a Survivor Series win could establish the groundwork for a future Foley-Miz showdown.

These tantalizing possibilities lead many to believe that Foley will smudge his fingerprints all over the main event.  However, the (somewhat) impartial observer in me has his doubts.

This has the makings of a swerve written all over it. 

Just when fans think they know exactly how a storyline is going to play out, WWE usually turns the outcome on its head.  The most recent swerve involved current WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

The collective opinion of the IWC was that Del Rio would keep his title at Night of Champions back in September, since WWE wanted him to represent the company as its champ for the October Mexican tour.  And what happened?

John Cena defeated Del Rio at Night of Champions to reclaim the title.  Of course, Del Rio got the belt back in time for the Mexican tour.  Nevertheless, the swerve was complete.

While drawing the ire of some fans, it makes practical sense for WWE to implement swerves occasionally.  If for nothing else, pulling the rug out from under the wrestling masses keeps them watching.

If we already knew how everything in a storyline was going to play out, why would we even bother tuning in?  More importantly, why would we buy the pay-per-views? 

We wouldn’t, and the WWE bookers are aware of that.  So while the majority of the WWE Universe will be anticipating Foley’s interference in the Survivor Series main event, I for one won’t be surprised if he doesn’t show up.  At the very least, we’ll tune in to find out, and that’s what WWE wants.