2009 NFL's Pro Bowl Snubs and Analysis

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IDecember 17, 2008

By Derek Lofland.

This is the most popular debate when it comes to Pro Bowl rosters.

Who is on the team that shouldn’t be?

Who got snubbed? Find out which teams had the most defensive selections.

Which NFL's "first" took place, which rookies made it, who holds the record for most Pro Bowls appearances and more!

Let's start with the Snubs. Here are five players I thought should have been selected.

Philip Rivers

The voters just got this one wrong. His conference ranks are as follows: sixth in completions, sixth in attempts, sixth in completion percentage, third in passing yards, first in yards per attempt, first in touchdown passes, and first in QB rating.

He has done that with LaDainian Tomlinson having his worst NFL season in his career. If you are tied for the league lead in touchdown passes, you should be in the Pro Bowl.

The player that shouldn’t be on the roster is Brett Favre. It isn’t that Favre doesn’t deserve to go..

It is that Rivers deserves it more. While Favre does lead the AFC in completion percentage and does have 21 touchdown passes, six of those came in one game. He also leads the NFL in interceptions with 17. Rivers has been the more consistent player.

I think Favre’s reputation, his team’s surprising 9-5 record, and the six-touchdown game all played a role in Favre being selected over Rivers. It’s also hard to make the Pro Bowl at quarterback when your team is a candidate for most disappointing team in the NFL. Still, that isn’t Rivers’ fault, I think he has had a great year, and I think the voters got this one wrong.

Randy Moss

Randy Moss was robbed by his own teammate, Wes Welker. Welker is a fantastic receiver. He catches a lot of short passes and makes plays after the catch. He set a NFL record by recording at least six catches per game in the first 11 games of the season.

The reason this is possible is that Randy Moss lines up on the other side and scares opposing defenses into dropping multiple players into coverage. Welker has 102 catches to Moss’s 66 catches. Despite that, Moss has only 163 less yards and eight more touchdowns. Welker averages 10.5 yards per catch to Moss’s 13.8.

There is no way Welker is the better receiver on that team. Matt Cassel lacks the ability to get the ball down field with the consistency of Tom Brady. Moss has been a model citizen in New England and has produced very well. 10 touchdown catches is a great season. He should have been rewarded with a Pro Bowl spot over Welker.

Calvin Johnson

The guy plays on a 0-14 team, which really hurts his ability to receive national attention or Pro Bowl recognition. Despite that and playing with numerous bad quarterbacks, he has...

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