Heisman Heist: Tim Tebow Was Robbed

IcemanCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

This year, a great player named Sam Bradford won the Heisman.  He put up big numbers all year, leading his team to the BCS National title game.  He had a great year, and is one of the best College quarterbacks playing right now.

His only loss came against Texas, where he was beat by ten points.  Colt McCoy, who out-played him, was also a Heisman hopeful.  

Then there is Tebow, Florida's superstar quarterback, who also led his team to the title game, and had only one loss this year.  His numbers this year pale in comparison to last year, but still very good.  His ability as a passer was greatly improved, and he is the team leader and vocal captain.  

If you compare these two great QBs, you have to wonder, who is really the best?  

Let's look what Bradford did this year.  Crazy yards and stats, all against soft Big 12 defenses.  He played deep in the forth quarter; in blow out games, still throwing the ball. You can tell they where running up the score, and Bradford's stats.  He didn't do much rushing this season, he just sat in the pocket.

Tebow doesn't have the stats Bradford had, or the huge numbers, but he had something even better,  He played like superman would.  He was the team leader, after the Ole Miss loss, he forced his team to practice and and play at a higher level.  He didn't pad stats in the forth quarter, he let younger guys in.  

He had three of the fastest running backs in the nation that got the ball.  He played in the best conference this year, and played against teams that play some sort of defense. Bradford was basically playing catch with his receivers, I almost never saw him get pressured.   

Running over an SEC linebacker is no joke, a mere mortal would perish.  Tebow didn't just plow them over, he sought them out and lowered his shoulder pads.  You can see it in his eyes after he smashed into a 270 pound chiseled muscle machine. He seems to enjoy it.  Bradford would be knocked out if he tried to play at Tebow's level.  

The Heisman shouldn't be about numbers and stats. It should be about who made the biggest impact in the nation.  I just hope to see Tebow in a Gator uniform next year. Watching him in a boring NFL offense would bring a tear to my eye.