Abandoned: The History of the WCW Hardcore Championship

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Abandoned: The History of the WCW Hardcore Championship

Throughout history, professional wrestling has seen many championships.

In WWF/E there are six major titles. Not many know that the company has had a total of at least 19 different titles, 13 of which have been abandoned for one reason or another.

The other two major companies owned by WWE are WCW and ECW, which have at least 15 abandoned and forgotten titles between them.

For as long as it takes I will be concentrating on those forgotten titles.

Each slide will feature the champion, who they defeated, where and when they won it, the length of their title reign, any special circumstances that happened during their reign and a bit of commentary.

Belts with a lengthy history will get their own articles and may be broken up into two depending on the length. Titles with a short history may be featured in a standard article, but if they’re really short they’ll be at the end of another title.

For this edition of Abandoned, I present the WCW Hardcore Championship.

It first appeared in 1999 when interest in hardcore wrestling was at its peak. WCW saw the success WWF was having so they decided to try it themselves.

Unfortunately for them, their hardcore division wasn’t as successful.

The title lasted right up until WWF bought WCW and has only seen 21 champions. Despite its short history, a lot happened with the belt.

So let’s get started.

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