The Superbowl: Scenarios of the Top Teams Making It

PJ JamesCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

Wow, it's been another interesting season full of on and off field entertainment. But let's talk about why we are really here. Let's talk about the reason we stop the clocks on Sunday—the Super Bowl.

When we all watch our favorite team, we always want to believe that this is our season. Your really start believing when your team is in the top five.

This year's top five consist of three teams with the same record and four division winners. These teams are: Tennessee, Carolina, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. They are followed by eight teams who have a (9-5) record as of week 16. But lets focus on these top five.

Titans vs. Giants
Wow, these two have dominated the top two positions in the NFL all season. Who wouldn't want to see New York defend their its against a hungry franchise that lost years ago by a few yards? This would be a great match-up if New York can fight the adversity that has been hurting the team the past few weeks. Give this a eight-star match-up.

Titans vs. Carolina
We can call this the battle of the losers. OK, that was harsh, plus I'm a fan of both teams. Honestly, this could be one of the biggest match-ups of all time. Two great teams hungry for a title. Both coaches have the same type of way of playing the game and both are very flashy on offense and defense...this would be a grudge match for sure. Give this a 9.5-star match-up.

Steelers vs. Giants
Honestly, I hate to make a prediction, but this would be a blowout. I think Pittsburgh would blow the roof off with that defense. I realize the Giants are more than what they have lost, but like my old football coach said, "They can't win, if they don't score." Give this a six-star match-up.

Steelers vs. Carolina
Another interesting match-up. It would be interesting to see how Big Ben would size up against that enthusiastic bunch at Carolina. However, I see Jake Delhomme crumbling under the Pittsburgh defense, and I'm not sure if they can beat that running game. So I have this an 8.5-star match-up.

Colts vs. Giants
Well, we know who'd be in the spotlight for this Super Bowl, Payton and Eli, "Battle of the Brothers." I'm going to say this will be a 8.5-star, because it will be a low scoring game, and both teams havwn't be executing like they should be. Interesting to see who'll win. Certainly there will be much hype.

Colts vs. Carolina
Blowout. Carolina will crush the Colts. Not because of rankings, but because Carolina has a better team. Maybe the scoreboard won't spell blowout, but the performance will. I give this a seven-star.

This was a just a brief and interesting look into what could happen and a few small predictions. I guess we shall see how this one plays out because it is far from over.