The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Returns of All Time

Josh Friesen@ByJoshFriesenContributor IIINovember 16, 2011

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Returns of All Time

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    The return. Many call it the most electrifying play on a gridiron. Others call it game breaking. Many believe that a great return can turn the tide of an entire game, causing all momentum to shift in a matter of seconds.

    Return men are often revered for their quickness, elusiveness and vision when they break a game wide open, and there have been plenty of great return men throughout the years. 

    Here are some of the best returns of all time.

    If your favorite return didn't make it on this list, please feel free to post it in the comments section below!

Nebraska's Johnny

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    "Johnny 'The Jet' Rogers just tore them loose from their shoes!"

    Everyone remembers this amazing return by Nebraska's Johnny Rogers during the Game of the Century back in 1971 where the top ranked Cornhuskers and the No. 2 Sooners dueled it out. Rogers went on to win the Heisman the next year, but this play will go down in Big Red lore as his defining moment.

Kansas City Chiefs' Dante Hall

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    Dante Hall had one of the best seasons as a return man in the NFL. When the Chiefs went 13-3 back in 2003, many single out this play as the best and most jaw-dropping.

Devin Hester Makes Duke Look Silly

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    Devin Hester was a monster return man coming out of college. One could argue that the Bears didn't really even draft him because of his skills on defense. 

    Hester danced himself out of three sure fire tackles and into the endzone in this mind-numbing return.

Devin Hester's Return to Open Super Bowl XLI

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    I decided to include this one simply because it's the Super Bowl, and it's the only time in Super Bowl history that the opening kickoff had ever been returned for a touchdown. Hester sure put the cap on a stellar rookie campaign after this return. 

Arkansas' Joe Adams

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    Watching Arkansas' Joe Adams razzle-dazzle his way out of seven potential tackles makes my eyes bleed. 

    I could watch this return for days. What an unbelievable play. Adams simply wasn't going down, as he made the Tennessee special teams look like a pee-wee team. 

Josh Cribbs Ressurects a Kick Return from the Grave

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    This return is amazing because it was originally a completely botched play. Cribbs let the ball bounce past him, assuming it would go into the endzone. 

    The ball ended up coming just short, and Cribbs had no choice but to pick it up. He then went on to evade a few tackles and do a tightrope act down the sideline. 

    The Steelers didn't know what hit 'em. 

Desean Jackson's Walk-off Punt Return

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    Every time I watch this, I laugh. I laugh at Tom Coughlin's reaction, punter Matt Dodge's terrible line drive punt and at the reaction of the crowd...the whole thing is hilarious to me. Dodge was supposed to kick it out of bounds!

    It's amazing how Jackson not only composed himself after initially muffing the punt, but how he exploded after finding the crease in the coverage. 

James Harrison 100-Yard Interception in Super Bowl XLII

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    One of the biggest reasons why the Steelers won Super Bowl XLII was because of James Harrison's 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. The big man wasn't going to be brought down as he stumbled his way into the endzone. 

Kevin Dyson's Controversial Pass

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    The return by Kevin Dyson aided by Frank Wycheck still have people wondering if the pass was forward or not. However, included in this video is evidence of it, in fact, behind a legal lateral. 

    Still, it's a great play that eventually led the Titans to losing the Super Bowl by one yard. 

Bears Run over the Band

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    Not only does this have to be the most thrilling return in college football, this has to be the most thrilling play. Basically, any play that ends in the band coming onto the field prematurely is stunning in my book.