NBA Lockout: 5 Chicago Bulls Who Could Play for the Chicago Bears

Max Mickey@ToTheMax_WellContributor IIINovember 16, 2011

NBA Lockout: 5 Chicago Bulls Who Could Play for the Chicago Bears

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    The possibility of watching NBA basketball in 2011-2012 is very unlikely.

    The NBA players have rejected the owners last offer of a 50/50 split of BRI. The players are in the process of decertifying, and will be pressing charges against the league tomorrow morning.

    What does all this mean for fans? NBA fans will have to be satisfied with college basketball this year.

    What does this mean for players? The players are going to have a lot of free time on their hands. Some will join their fellow brethren and head overseas to play basketball, but maybe some could hop into the NFL and help out a team making a playoff push?

    Obviously there are probably only a handful of current NBA players who would even have a chance at making an NFL team, let alone actually play for one. The conditioning and training for basketball and football are vastly different, and this scenario is highly unlikely.

    Though, it is interesting to speculate what NBA players could play in the NFL.

    Here is a look at five Chicago Bulls and how could they fit into the Chicago Bears roster. 

Kurt Thomas

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    Bulls Position: C

    Bears Position: FB 

    Kurt Thomas aka Big Sexy is a one big man. This 16-year veteran is a 6'9'', 230-lbs beast. 

    Last season he was the Bulls' best big man passer. He does an excellent job of seeing the court, and this is why I feel he could be a good FB or possible goal line back to fall forward into the endzone.

    A great passer is always aware of where everyone is on the court, and these skills would allow him to see the field and where holes are opening up to lead his tail back. 

    I can already hear Jon Gruden having a field day with Kurt Thomas' nickname, "Big Sexy."

Ronnie Brewer

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    Bulls Position: SF/SG

    Bears Position: RB

    Ronnie Brewer already looks like a football player on the basketball court.

    The way Ronnie slashes to the hoop and flashes to get open is similar to a running back finding rushing lanes, and at 227 lbs he could definitively hold his own in the NFL.

    He would look like a giant at 6'7'', but his length and leaping ability could allow him to go up and over the pile into the endzone.

    We already know he has the hustle and is not shy about throwing his body on the hardwood to scrap for loose balls. He would also easily be able to catch some passes out of the backfield.

    If he trained properly, Ronnie is one of the more believable players that could switch sports. 

Joakim Noah

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    Bulls Position: PF

    Bears Position: TE

    Joakim would not be able to take very many hits. He is too long and would get injured easily. 

    Where the Bears could use him is in goal line situations. At almost seven-feet tall, Joakim would have close to two feet of reach over the linebackers and defensive backs attempting to guard him. 

    Jay Cutler throwing to Joakim Noah in the back of the endzone makes me salivate, as they are two of my favorite athletes. But in all seriousness, he would be very difficult to guard in the redzone. 

    How do you cover a guy that big? He could at least be used as a decoy.

    Joakim is just crazy enough to try and play in the NFL, and who wouldn't want to see that gorgeous hair dangling from a Bears helmet? 

Carlos Boozer

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    Oh, I am just kidding.

    Boozer would trip over his equipment and be on IR before the first game. 

Taj Gibson

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    Bulls Position: PF

    Bears Position: TE

    Taj is another player I could actually see transitioning to football if he really wanted. Taj is solid muscle, coupled with ridiculous athleticism and size. 

    He showed the NBA world his athleticism when he threw down two absolutely insane dunks in the playoffs against the Miami Heat, and this athleticism would allow him to get open and catch meaningful passes.

    Taj has the strength to take some hits, and again, can you imagine Taj and Joakim lining up opposite each other, with Jay Cutler tossing it up and letting them do the rest?

Derrick Rose

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    Bulls Position: PG

    Bears Position: CB 

    Yes, the Bull that readers have been waiting for—the reigning NBA MVP, Derrick Rose. 

    When this debate comes up, most people peg Derrick Rose as a running back. His size, speed, and ability to drive to the bucket would allude to this being a logical decision. And it is, but I feel he would fit in better as a defensive back. 

    Rose could keep up with any wide receiver in the NFL speed-wise, and he has the leaping ability to go up and contest jump balls. He is larger and more athletic than most NFL corners, and could lock down receivers.

    He is so versatile and athletic, I truly believe if he wanted, he could play in the NFL. 

    Hopefully, the NBA lockout is resolved soon so we can watch our Bulls play where they belong, and can speculate on how well they will do instead of how they would look off the hardwood.