WWE Survivor Series 2011: 6 Possible Twists and Turns for Elimination Tag Match

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 18, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: 6 Possible Twists and Turns for Elimination Tag Match

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    You can never truly trust that any Survivor Series elimination match will go as predicted.

    With five men on each side, the possibilities are endless.

    In fact, there are so many ways that the match could go that it would be impossible to list them all.

    The fact is, however, that WWE always has a plan.

    In order to truly predict the direction of this match, we must predict the direction of WWE for this match.

    Do they want to push Wade Barrett to the moon?

    Do they plan on building up Sheamus to face Henry at TLC?

    Are they planning to give Randy Orton the title once again?

    Following are 10 possible ways that the match could go based upon a direction the WWE may intend to head toward.

1. Sheamus Survives over Randy Orton, Who Is Eliminated by Barrett

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    Why allow Orton to go down but let the team win?

    Well, the answer is simple.

    Sheamus is gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    If Mark Henry decisively beats Big Show on Sunday, the next challenger in line will come out of this match.

    We have already seen that Orton has a weakness against facing Henry.

    Sheamus, on the other hand, holds a victory over the champion recently by count-out.

    It has been hinted at and even previewed on pay-per-view before; however, we have not seen the decisive match yet.

    These two could have a great contest probably in a tables match.

    In the end, this would help Sheamus rise up and keep Barrett somewhat in the spotlight as he goes on to feud with Orton.

2. The Faces Shut out the Heels

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    This would be the feel-good moment of the show, as the good guys triumph and all look like winners.

    It is not likely, but it could really help the face stars.

    Mason Ryan would become a US Title contender.

    Orton and Sheamus would be in front of the line to face a dominant heel in Henry.

    Sin Cara would continue his hot streak of wins.

    Even Kofi Kingston would get a boost as he stays relevant until Evan Bourne returns.

    It is not even remotely what I would want to see, but it would make sense on a heel-dominated SmackDown, where Barrett and Rhodes would not be able to capture the title soon anyway.

3. Wade Barrett Continues His Barrage as Sole Survivor

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    This would be huge for Barrett.

    He would look like a monster star on the rise and gain some much-needed momentum, continuing his feud with Orton.

    As Rhodes fades away, Barrett takes his place, and it is a question of if WWE can actually allow Orton to be pinned by a rookie star like Barrett.

    If it happens, it will be huge and probably be a catalyst for a title reign shortly thereafter.

    Perhaps leading to WrestleMania against a Money in the Bank-holding Daniel Bryan.

    This is my favorite possibility, though, it goes against some WWE logic.

    I simply don't see it happening.

    If the heels win, it will be with multiple stars remaining. Maybe Barrett and Rhodes or Barrett and Ziggler.

4. Jack Swagger Turns on Ziggler with Vickie at His Side

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    Three men left in the ring: Ziggler, Swagger and Orton.

    Just as Ziggler needs a tag, Swagger walks out on him.

    Ziggler loses the match with Orton raking up his fourth sole survivor success.

    This would effectively be Vickie and Swagger turning on the US Champion.

    It would lead to Ziggler turning face, most likely with Swagger becoming a serious mid-card heel threat.

    It has all the makings of a successful angle, but it seems unlikely with the focus being mainly on Barrett for the heels.

    Perhaps that is a red herring.

    We'll see soon enough.

5. Kofi Kingston Turns on the Faces, Costing Them the Win

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    Anyone else feel like Kofi is filler here?

    He just doesn't fit anywhere.

    What could it mean?

    Either they are just holding out for Bourne to return or they have bigger plans for Kofi.

    The former is more likely, but how big would it be for Kofi to turn heel?

    He could cost the faces the match, then follow up by replacing Bourne with a new tag team partner.

    Maybe a returning (almost debuting) Brodus Clay? Or perhaps bringing up a heel from the lower card in Drew McIntyre, Curt Hawkins or Tyler Reks?

    This could give the tag-team division some fuel for a few months, with Evan Bourne bringing in his own partner.

    It would also be a good chance for the directionless Kofi to find a change.

    Man, this sounds interesting. Too bad it is highly unlikely.

6. Christian Seals the Heels' Win After a Variety of Interferences

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    It sounds weird that I would say the final possibility will have a variety of interferences, but there will probably be a few.

    Zack Ryder or John Morrison could run in and cost Ziggler his match since he will want to rest up after his previous title match.

    Epico and Primo will probably factor in and cost Sin Cara the match.

    Then the injured Christian will come in and stake his claim.

    He may be injured, but he can still perform a necessary bump for a teammate outside of the match.

    He could interfere against any face.

    He might cost Kofi, Orton or Sheamus the match.

    If he factors in, though, he will probably lead the heels to victory with a well-timed illegal shot.

    It will be a good moment as it allows the heels (probably Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett) to get a necessary push to the spotlight.


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