Nebraska Cornhuskers Get Props in New Jim Carrey Movie “The Yes Man”

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst IDecember 17, 2008

Jim Carrey’s throwback movie, The Yes Man, has a scene featuring Huskers football and Memorial Stadium. If you don’t know the premise of the movie, Jim Carrey falls in love, which leads him to saying yes to everything (think Liar Liar except "always telling the truth" is replaced with "always saying yes").

Jim’s character ends up going to a Nebraska-Oklahoma game.

For more about the movie and the Husker connect, check out this article in the World-Herald.

CB Anthony Blue makes the most of his medical redshirt.

Huskers in the NFL round-up.

Clemson has sold out of their ticket allotment.

Gator Bowl participants get hooked up with some cool gear:

For making it to the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, you’d think the Huskers might receive a camera. Nope. According to the SportsBusiness Journal, they’ll be heaped with a Bulova watch, a Jostens ring, Oakley Split Thump MP3 sunglasses (which I wouldn’t recommend wearing near water), a fitted cap, and a two-piece Mercury luggage rolling duffel and sling bag.

Who says college football athletes don’t get paid?

Sipple makes a great point: Is Charles Barkley hurting Turner Gill’s future chances by complaining about racism?

While I’m sure Turner appreciates Barkley’s advocacy for the Auburn job, Turner is the one with a coaching job and the coaching future. Turner knows that you have to "grease the wheels" and have the powerful boosters on your side, not irritate them or scare potential employers from interviewing you because they are afraid if they go in a different direction, they are going to have Barkley on ESPN complaining how racist XYZ school is.

In other words, you have to play the game on their terms. If Turner continues to have success, there is no stopping him from getting a plum job, and the longer he waits, the better the job.

That being said, Turner Gill (Nebraska’s favorite coach not named Pelini or Osborne) gets extended at Buffalo until 2013.