I Denounce You, Jerry Jones!

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IDecember 17, 2008

The NFL Network has done some horrible things when it comes to games. Fans all over are deprived of the pleasure of watching one or more of their teams' games.

However, the Dallas Cowboys have been, without any doubt, hit the hardest of all.

This Saturday, the Dallas Cowboys will face the Baltimore Ravens at Texas Stadium for the last time. Not just the last time against the Ravens, but last time period. It will be broadcast on the NFL Network, and the fans will not be able to say goodbye.

That just makes my blood boil, and makes my heart sink to the bottom of my six-foot body. How can they do that? How can they freeze out some of the most loyal fans of all time? We were there in 1960 when they didn't win a game, we were there for all those playoff losses, and we were there when they were called, "Next year's champions."

As a Dallas fan, I am, in a way, excited to see this brand new stadium that Jerry Jones has built. Still, I can't help but feel remorse at the thought of losing Texas Stadium, the home of the Ring of Honor and the careers of so many men whom I call my heroes.

Now, a lot of you will think this is silly, but when John Madden gave his Hall of Fame speech, he said, "I think the busts talk to each other." Well, I think it is the same with Texas Stadium, except I think that you can feel the spirit of the greatest defensive coach of all time speaking.

I think if you snuck in late at night, you would feel Tom Landry around you. I can just see him, his remarkably fit self in a suit, topped with the famous fedora. I think you could see him look up at the open roof and watch him quietly tell God that he is sorry for missing church as he asks Him for help.

I think it is immoral to not let the fans say goodbye to a place that we, in our hearts,  consider home. I do not have NFL Network, so I will not be able to watch our last home game of the season. The only chance that there will be another one is if the Cowboys and the No. 6 seed make it to the NFC Championship Game. I highly doubt that will happen.

So, I denounce you, Jerry Jones, for not being loyal to the city of Dallas. I denounce you for acts of fan cruelty, and I denounce you for not trying to get the game off of NFL Network.