Boot Bruce Arians, And The Pittsburgh Steelers Will Be Unstoppable

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

I was inspired to write this article by a comment on another one of my articles by Josh Roland. I had actually been thinking about this for awhile, but Roland's comment finally made me write about it.

The Steelers would be absolutely nowhere without their defense, there is no doubt about that. And despite their 11-3 record, they still have some big problems to fix. And I think I know how they can go about doing that.

Simply put, just fire offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

Sure firing a coach is a big deal, especially in the NFL. And with people all over the sports world getting the boot almost every day, who knows who'll be fired next. But it's truly just that simple, fire Bruce Arians.

Now I have nothing against the Steelers offensive coordinator, except that he is not operating the offense as well as it could be operated.

There are numerous times during the course of a game that I find myself questioning his play calling, or wondering why certain players are in the game, or not in the game. It's because Arians is not using the right people for the right jobs.

The Steelers offensive line issues cannot be solved simply by getting rid of Bruce, no that will take a little time. But the Steelers could be unstoppable if Arians used people right and called good plays.

One example that I have seen more often lately is that Willie Parker is being used too much. Yes Parker is good, but not that good. And Mewelde Moore has been so much better. Parker cannot seem to pick up more than two or three yards a carry, while Moore is gaining around four, five, or even six yards a carry. 

Parker should be used primarily for runs to the outside, where he excels and can use his speed. But he should not be used to run straight up the middle. Either Moore or Gary Russell should be handling that.

Another thing I see a lot of is run, run, pass, run, run, pass. That's not going to cut it in the National Football League. I hate to see Big Ben's arm wasted on short throws over the middle on third down. You have got to mix up the play calling and take chances.

Use trick plays, go back to the days when we had Randle El (cough traitor cough cough) and did all kinds of crazy reverse passes. Remember the Super Bowl? Those kinds of trick plays. And I'm pretty sure Hines Ward was once a quarterback, he can throw, use that to your advantage Arians!

Bring back Najeh Davenport, or use Gary Russell for short yardage situations, nobody else. We need a Jerome Bettis for those types of runs, not Parker.

If Arians can't get the offense together by the playoffs, I don't know how far the defense can carry us.