WWE Survivor Series 2011: The Curious Case of John Morrison

Jon FisherCorrespondent IINovember 18, 2011

It's been a roller coaster ride for one John Morrison. Once an ECW champion and future main-event player, turned into a jobber overnight.

How did this happen, I ask? I, myself, am very curious how the prodigal son turned into a guy that was a main-eventer's easy Monday night win.

Once upon a time, John Morrison and the Miz had one of the best tag teams of this generation. Multiple tag team titles, successful reigns and even a championship match against the returning Degeneration-X summed up their success.

To prove most people wrong, the Miz went on to be a WWE champion while John Morrison was stuck in the mid-card and could not get out.

He had the look, the in-ring skills, his fantastic athleticism and charisma. All John was lacking was the superior mic skills. That can be learned in this business however, because CM Punk was not the master of mic ability in his earlier years.

Experience brings many wrestlers attributes that are much-needed to thrive in this company. WWE officials do not believe John Morrison belongs in the main event. Much like Jeff Hardy and Christian, Morrison is in the same position.

However, those two became a World champion before they left the company and it looks like John will not follow that same path.

This Sunday is the Survivor Series pay-per-view, which Vince McMahon wants to be huge. Morrison has a scheduled match with Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship.

It seems as if this is Dolph's step into the main event. He has all the necessary skills I covered in the recent paragraphs. In my opinion, John should be fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship, but that's another argument.

Once again, John is a stepping stone for another wrestler's advance to the next level. Some can blame backstage politics, but Hardy had the same problems and he became champion.

Does this mean Morrison is going to leave WWE after all? He isn't booked for any more appearances after November, 31st. In light of all of that, he is given a U.S. Title match instead of the Internet superstar Zack Ryder.

Morrison has too much talent to waste, but WWE hasn't let that get in front of a release. Shelton Benjamin and Mr. Anderson is just two examples of misused talent. Don't let me forget Austin Aries in that list as well.

The Shaman of Sexy, in my belief, will be victorious at Survivor Series and sign a WWE contract. This isn't as popular of a story as CM Punk, but it should take recognition from many.

World Wrestling Entertainment should throw him to the blue brand and he could feud with the likes of Sheamus (again), Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and many other wrestlers.

That is...if he signs a new contract.


Thanks for joining me in this Survivor Series piece. I'll have my predictions out on Sunday evening before the big event. Have a great evening and weekend everyone!

Wrestling is an art. I believe so.