5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Deserve More Playing Time

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 15, 2011

5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Deserve More Playing Time

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    At 3-6, it is clear that the Eagles need to make some changes. So this week, I am going to take a look at the top five Eagles players who should get more playing time. 

    Some of them are wasted talent, others just need more time to shine, but the Eagles could benefit from playing these five players a bit more often. Here they are.

5. Jamaal Jackson

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    The Eagles offensive line is undersized. Jamaal Jackson has excellent size. Jason Kelce, in my opinion, has not done a great job. He gets pushed back a lot because he is small. 

    I am not saying they should necessarily bench Kelce completely, but I would like to see them use Jackson a little more. Especially when they get in short yardage situations and near the goal line, Jackson's extra size could be really helpful. 

    Perhaps if they used him on short yardage plays, they would actually get a first down.

4. Riley Cooper

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    Since I am a proponent of cutting Steve Smith, who has to be the biggest pansy in the NFL, that means Cooper needs to play more. Smith took a flop last week, which should be the last time he sees the field as an Eagle in my opinion.

    Also being 3-6, the Eagles may as well see if Cooper can play at a high level. There is no real reason to run Jason Avant or Smith out there. I would like to use the last seven games to see what Cooper can do. 

    My hope is if Maclin can not play this week, the Eagles start Cooper. They should try to find out whether he is worth keeping for next year or whether he is expendable.

3. Ronnie Brown

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    The Eagles are paying Ronnie Brown $2 million for this season. Since they are paying him that much money, why not use him? Brown should at least be getting five carries or so a game. As a change of pace, he could be effective, but he sees very little of the field.

    I have not been impressed with him so far, but why pay him that much money to never use him? It does not make sense, so use Brown more and see what he has left in the tank.

2. Akeem Jordan

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    Moises Fokou has been so bad this year, why not start Jordan? The Eagles seemed to have made this change already, as Jordan played more last week.  The Eagles linebackers are so bad, they should make changes. 

    They already put Brian Rolle in there and replaced Casey Matthews, so Jordan will be the second change at linebacker. The reality is none of these guys will hopefully be starting or playing for the Eagles next season.


1. Derek Landri

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    Derek Landri seems to always make big plays. He got a sack last week. He tackles guys in the backfield. He seems to always be productive when he is in the game, yet he does not play many snaps. 

    Landri is a high motor guy who plays hard and seems to always be around the ball.