Urban an Aggie? 5 Reasons Why Texas A&M Should Hire Urban Meyer

Brandon Wheeland@BrandonWheelandCorrespondent IINovember 15, 2011

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 1:  Coach Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators leaves the field after play against the Penn State Nittany Lions January 1, 2010 in the 25th Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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After a four-overtime loss on Saturday to the Kansas State Wildcats, you could hear the calls from the Texas A&M Aggie faithful louder than you have heard all year. Why is Mike Sherman still employed?

For as long as there has been a coach on the field, there have been thousands in the stands, College Station is no different. And as a member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2015, I’ll be the first to tell you that among students, Sherman’s approval rating has dropped faster than a pass thrown to receiver Jeff Fuller.

Sherman has, at best, underachieved throughout the course of his short career at Texas A&M, putting together a mediocre 24-24 record and losing both bowls the Aggies have been a part of in his tenure.

It’s hard to blame the talent of a team that was considered the 8th best in the nation at the start of the season, and because of this, Sherman will catch the majority of the blame.

Giving up second half leads on almost a weekly basis. Calling, for lack of a better word, completely boneheaded plays in overtime against Missouri and Kansas State. Sherman has done nothing but underachieve the entire year.

Maybe it’s time—for both his sake as well as the Aggies—he calls it quits at the end of the year.

But while 85,000 Aggies stand “on the wood," prepared to go into the game at any moment as part of the 12th man tradition, you won’t see them walking onto the field and dawning a headset any time soon. 

There are a lot of qualified individuals who could fill in for the job however, and one name stands out above all others. You guessed it: Urban Meyer.

Now, of course just about every college in America would love to have the services of Meyer, so what would make Texas A&M more appealing than another school? Why would Meyer feel that now is the perfect time to come out of retirement and get back into coaching?

1. SEC Appeal

Meyer has publicly said that he is upset about the Aggies leaving the Big 12. But then again, one conferences loss could be a new coach’s treasure.

Meyer has had great success in the SEC, earning 50 wins in just his first 59 games. He has two national championships under his belt, both with an SEC team. So if he were to return, why not go to the most powerful conference in College Football? Being a part of the SEC is something that Ohio State or Penn State, two other teams linked to Meyer, can’t offer.

2. Coaching Future NFL Players

A&M has the talent, just look at 2nd overall pick Von Miller of last year’s draft. Urban has coached 81 players who went onto careers in the NFL, and there is no reason that he couldn’t send Aggies into the promised land as well.

If the announcement were made that Urban would be coaching the Ags in 2012, you can bet juniors such as Ryan Swope, Christine Michael and Uzoma Nwachukwu would be back for one season under Meyer to improve their draft stock and talent. That’s a pretty good start on the offensive side of the ball for a coach in his first year.

85,000 fans would be more than welcoming to the site of Meyer on the Sidelines
85,000 fans would be more than welcoming to the site of Meyer on the SidelinesRonald Martinez/Getty Images

Meyer has a large amount of experience coaching wide receivers, and he could develop his players into future first rounders.

3. Texas High School Talent

The Aggies have been projected to finish in the basement for the first few years in the SEC. But Meyer could quickly turn that around if he were the head coach, and it would be a great way to get talent pouring in sooner rather than later.

Texas is a breeding ground for high school football talent, and the SEC is where the best of the talent tends to go. If you were a high school senior, what sounds more appealing than being the start of something special at a school rich in traditions—the chance to play for a school in a new conference, with a brand new head coach abundant in football knowledge.

4. The Chance to Develop a Powerhouse

Everything is in place: A&M has the talent, the resources, and the ability to go into a new tier of competitiveness in the NCAA. No other coach could develop that better than Urban Meyer.

The Aggies are upperclassmen dominated, and Urban would have the ability to bring in fresh talent from across the country and implement his system on a fresh set of players. A&M has been overlooked for quite some time due to the success of the University of Texas.

Urban has always loved a challenge, and the chance to make the Aggies the number one football school in Texas would surely be one he would enjoy.

5. Academics

Meyer holds academic success in high regards, attempting to mold successful and intelligent men rather than just athletes. During his run in the SEC, he had 131 players make the honor roll. The Aggies have some of the highest grades in the nation, and Meyer would enjoy working with his athletes to make them the absolute best students they could be as well.

Nothing is guaranteed, for all we know, Meyer may never set foot on a football field again. But in the event he were to come back, why not A&M? Everything a coach could ever want or need is there, just waiting for the right man for the job.

I believe Urban is that man.


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