Manny Pacquiao Singing Video: Watch Pac-Man Sing After Beating Marquez

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2011

Who doesn't love a little "La Bamba"?

Manny Pacquiao beat Juan Manuel Marquez this past Saturday night, and despite a controversial ending, Pacquiao didn't let it get to him, instead hitting the party scene to celebrate.

Most athletes celebrate a huge victory with an extravagant party, lots of people and lots of drinks. Pacquiao went a different route this past weekend—well, at least with what he let be captured on video. 

PacMan is no stranger to flexing the golden pipes, with the first time on video being a rendition of "Sometimes When We Touch," which he sang with original songwriter and recording artist Dan Hill.  

The 32-year-old wasted little thought on how his match ended, as celebrating is obviously the best route to go after 12 rounds of an intense fight. After all, why think about the fight when you could sing the pain away? 

Pacquiao isn't a terrible singer, but he should stick to his day job. Or, rather, his night job, since he is a member of the House of Representatives in the Philippines. It's not that he sounds terrible here, but there is far more money to be made in boxing for Pacquiao. 

Getting up on stage with a few other vocalists certainly made his version of "La Bamba" better, though I would still be intrigued to see him do it all by himself. That would more than likely lead to a song and dance routine that would be an instant viral hit. 

So, what do you say Manny, will you bust out a solo performance one more time? 

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