Green Bay Packers: 6 Players That Made Big Contributions Against Tampa Bay

Brooke McGeeCorrespondent INovember 21, 2011

Green Bay Packers: 6 Players That Made Big Contributions Against Tampa Bay

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    Titletown grew even brighter Sunday afternoon as Green Bay took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in preparation for Thanksgiving's big game against the Detroit Lions

    Securing their current 10-0, Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers and their team have a lot of rest before they get right back out there and do it again while the whole nation watches.

    Fourth quarter made Packer Backers slightly nervous as the cat and mouse game played out, coming within mere points of each other a few times during the game.

    Ultimately, Green Bay walked away the winner, again, just as they have for each game of the season. A few players stood out a little more so than they rest, though, and are the main reasons for this double-digit win.

B.J. Raji

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    Looks like all the Packer Backers who have been complaining about Rodgers not being protected in the pocket are finally getting the answers they have been looking for.

    Don't let the Green Bay Packer depth chart fool you; defensive nose tackle B.J. Raji was on the offensive line watching Rodgers' back and making some impressive scoring plays to boot.

    Immediately following the first timeout by the Pack, Rodgers passed short to Raji on the second down with one to go on the Tampa Bay one. Raji muscled his way through the line to bring in the first touchdown of the game. Not a bad way to come back after seeing no action for the last two weeks.

    Continuing his display of kicking expertise, Mason Crosby was good for the extra point.

Tom Crabtree

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    Ironically, immediately following Tampa Bay's first timeout, Green Bay went in for their second touchdown of the game.

    On the Tampa Bay five, Rodgers passed short right to Tom Crabtree, who easily took it in for what resulted in his first career touchdown as well. Looks like he and Raji have something to celebrate tonight.

    Crosby for the extra kick, and it's good!

Jordy Nelson

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    If two touchdowns immediately following timeouts worked, why not go for three? Jordy Nelson obviously agreed.

    Once again on the Tampa Bay five, Rodgers threw another short right, this time to the wide receiver out of Kansas State, Jordy Nelson, for his eighth of the season.

    Later on, he went for season TD No. 9. The whole game was an amazing display of athletic prowess of Nelson's part. With six receptions for a total of 123 yards, he was the most valuable WR of the game.

Tramon Williams

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    Securing the team's 18th interception of the season, Tramon Williams easily picked off a pass that Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman intended for Mike Williams with 41 seconds left in the half.

    Perhaps the names on the jerseys were confusing despite the color differences.

    Proceeding the final two-minute warning, Williams stole the ball again, ensuring the Buccaneers would not be able to make the come back they were striving for.

    Interceptions have been a pivotal part of the year for the Pack, leading the league in picks. On top of that, Rodgers had only thrown for three interceptions the whole season prior to this game. Unfortunately, he added a fourth notch to that championship belt of his.

Aaron Rodgers

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    It's amazing how what could be considered an off day for the NFL's best quarterback is still better than the vast majority of the rest.

    Closing out the game with a QB rating of 112.3, this was the lowest rating for Rodgers since week 3 against Chicago. His pass completion was also a little less than par, at 67.6 percent, his lowest since Week 6.

    Interestingly, of the 11 incomplete passes of the attempted 34, seven are to the right. Two were incomplete to the left, and two were incomplete up the middle. Whether or not that was due to missing guards Josh Sitton or T.J. Lang or not, I'm not sure. I'd love to hear some comments on some theories about this.

    Regardless, Rodgers executed an excellent game, again, and has ensured the team went on to 10-0.

John Kuhn

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    John Kuhn received one time for a loss of one yard. He also rushed once for a total of two yards.

    Despite this, he made one touchdown for the team and put six of their final 35 points on the scoreboard.

    It wasn't a huge performance, but the contribution counts. Rodgers consistently utilizes a wide array of teammates to execute his plays.

    But for now, this game is over; it's just another memory. The Galloping Gobbler awaits to be assigned for the Thanksgiving Day MVPs!

    Let the preparations begin...