UFC on FOX Results: Junior Dos Santos vs. Anderson Silva Breakdown

John Heinis@HeinisHardNewsSenior Analyst INovember 14, 2011

UFC on FOX Results: Junior Dos Santos vs. Anderson Silva Breakdown

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    Junior dos Santos looked awfully impressive in the UFC's debut on FOX, finishing reigning heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in a mere 64 seconds. 

    JDS once again showed that his MMA boxing is something special and that few, if any, fighters in the heavyweight division will be able to stand and trade with the heavy-handed Brazilian.  

    Interestingly, one of "Cigano's" main sparring partners is Black House teammate Anderson Silva.

    While a fight with the reigning UFC middleweight champion is incredibly unlikely, given JDS's recent title win, it is compelling to sit down and think about what a super fight between these two exceptional strikers would look like.

    Let's take a look at how this fantasy fight could play out.   


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    Neither fighter has a background in wrestling, and neither dos Santos or Silva have fought many opponents that possess dominant wrestling skills.  

    However, it JDS faced two very accomplished collegiate wrestling in his past two outings in the form of Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez. 

    JDS showed great takedown defense against Carwin, even scoring a takedown of his own at the end of the fight.  

    Against Cain Velasquez, the fighter some were calling the best heavyweight of all time didn't even have a chance to think about a takedown before dos Santos landed a powerful overhand right. 

    Meanwhile, Anderson Silva's stiffest challenge in the UFC was his arch nemesis, Chael Sonnen, a former Division I two-time All-American wrestler.  

    Sonnen consistently scored on the champion with his takedowns and utilized great top control and ground and pound before succumbing to a triangle armbar in the fifth round.  

    Silva faired much better in his fights against a former Olympic wrestler in Dan Henderson, finishing him with a rear naked choke in the second round of their UFC 82 showdown.  

    However, it should be noted that Silva did lose the first round to Hendo on that same occasion.  

    Odds are there would be little to no wrestling in a bout between dos Santos and Silva, but it seems that JDS has a slight advantage in this area.

    Advantage: dos Santos 


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    Both men train jiu-jitsu under the Nogeira brothers at Black House.

    Silva has earned his black belt in BJJ, wih JDS being a brown belt in the discipline. 

    There is no doubt that both of these men are strikers, but both have some serous skills on the rare occassion a bout hits the ground.  

    Silva has six submission wins in his career, the majority of which came after slapping on a rear naked choke on a opponent who was knocked down from strikes.  

    Meanwhile, Cigano has three submission wins in his career, with a guillotine choke early in his career being the only legitimate submission finish. 

    One submission win saw Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic verbally submit after taking one too many punches on the feet, while the other saw Joaquim Ferreira quit due to exhaustion after the first round of April 2007 battle with JDS. 

    It is pretty difficult to imagine this fight ending by submission, but as long as these guys met at 205 pounds, Silva would get the nod in the jiu-jitsu department. 

    Advantage: Silva 


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    The majority of this fight would take place on the feet, so this is easily the area that is the most important in a dos Santos-Silva showdown. 

    JDS has ended the fight early in 12 of his 14 career victories, including nine knockouts, although two of his submissions were due to the damage he was doing with his fists. 

    Junior was always regarded as having very good MMA boxing, but after making it look easy against Cain Velasquez, it is hard to imagine anyone being able to stand and trade with him.

    Meanwhile, Anderson Silva's striking is basically legendary at this point.  

    Silva, whose biggest strength is his Muay Thai skill set, has racked up 18 KO's in 31 professional wins.

    A big part of the reason Silva is recognized as the pound-for-pound best in the sport is that barely anyone has been able to land a clean strike on "The Spider" since his UFC tenure began in June of 2006.

    His technique, reflexes and KO power make for an extremely dangerous fighter. 

    This one is extremely difficult to call, but given the fact that Silva's striking is more unconventional, he may be able to confuse JDS just enough to land when it counts. 

    Advantage: Silva 

And the Winner Is....

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    This match up has the making of an all out war where both men would be bloodied and bruised in no time. 

    While Silva may be the more well-rounded and technical striker, it is unlikely that he has ever faced an opponent with the skills and size of Junior dos Santos inside the Octagon. 

    JDS also has great striking defense, so while Silva would no doubt find ways to connect, he would be hard pressed to find a way to finish his teammate and friend.  

    Once again, this fight would probably only be signed in a parallel universe, but if it ever did, dos Santos' size and serious boxing skills/KO power would be enough to lead him to a W. 

    Winner: Junior dos Santos via third round KO