Glenn Saves the Tiger Cats, His Coach, and Himself

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIINovember 13, 2011

Kevin Glenn was playing for more than just trying to finally get the Hamilton Tiger Cats a playoff win.

Defeat by two-time defending champion Montreal would probably have ended his stay in Hamilton and possibly that of his coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

Ever since Hamilton finally fielded a respectable, competitive team, all they have managed to do is finish second with a .500 record and then be beaten on home field in the Eastern Conference semi-final.

This year, it seemed they took a step backwards by finishing with an 8-10 record, while releasing veteran star receivers, and ending with a two-man quarterback controversy.

All year the Tiger Cats have fielded two teams, each as opposite from each other as Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll.

On one hand, this team could convincingly beat favoured Montreal, B.C. and Calgary, and then the next week look so lifeless like a limp noodle.

On this day, despite some defensive blunders, the Tiger Cats managed to beat the favoured Alouettes in Montreal 52-44 in overtime.

Glenn (with some significant help from back-up Quinton Porter, who today justified Bellefeuille's recent "two quarterback system") stopped being the "two-and-out" quarterback he usually is, and this time finished most of the drives he started.

When Montreal scored, Hamilton had an answer and never seemed fazed even when they lost the lead.

Gone were Glenn's streaks of cold play when lots of consecutive two-and-outs would wear down the Hamilton defence.

This time he looked like he had something to prove and it showed.

Glenn was ably assisted by his running game of Avon Cobourne and Marcus Thigpen.  Having a potent running attack took a lot of pressure off Glenn.

Ever since Hamilton became a competitive team again and then started spinning their wheels in the playoffs, management has been tinkering with every position on the team—except the significant position of quarterback.

The failure to develop Quinton Porter or bring in anybody else to take over from Glenn would have been front and centre this time if Hamilton had lost in the semi-finals for the third consecutive year.

The inconsistent Glenn would have been fighting for a spot next year, if he wasn't already released, and coach Bellefeuille probably wouldn't be coming back either.

But this win saves them both, at least for now.

Now it's off to Winnipeg and if the same Tiger Cat team and the same Kevin Glenn that showed up in Montreal appear next week, Hamilton may be off to Vancouver and the Grey Cup.