How To Recover From the Cleveland State Miracle and Why SI's Seth Davis is Wrong

Larry RulisonContributor IDecember 16, 2008

I woke up this morning feeling a little like I did back when Syracuse let an extremely pesky Vermont team play out of its mind and snatch a victory from Syracuse back in the 2004 NCAA tournament.

I still cannot look at former Catamounts coach Tom Brennan without disgust, and I'm sure every time I see Gary Waters again, I will surely cringe thinking about The Shot that beat Syracuse in the Dome, 72-69.

It's not as if Syracuse didn't deserve to lose the game. It was a miracle alone that Jonny Flynn hit a three-pointer and then Syracuse was able to force a turnover with 15 second left to allow Arinze Onuaku to lay in an Andy Rautins three-point attempt that was not close to tie the game.

We all just thought it would go to overtime. After all, this was the Dome, and Gerry McNamara was courtside, so weren't you expecting the Dome karma to take over and that the Orange would win in overtime?

Well, there is any easy way to get over this loss, besides mint cookie crumble ice cream. It's called Canisius. The Orange have Canisius Wednesday night in the Dome, and with one game, we can forget this devastating loss, which by the way, was to a really good Cleveland State team that will probably make the NCAAs and win a game or two.

As for Seth Davis's column in Sports Illustrated arguing that Boeheim should sit Devenedorf until his judicial appeal is complete, why?

The only reason I can come up with is because Davis, an avid Orange-hater—admit it Davis—doesn't have anything better to write about.

He calls out Boeheim for not sitting Devendorf after a judicial board found Devendorf guilty of violating three school codes after an altercation with another Syracuse student who claims he hit her Halloween night on SU's frat row. The board recommended Devendorf be suspended for the rest of the academic year, i.e. the rest of the basketball season. Devendorf plans to appeal the verdict Wednesday.

Seth doesn't know Boeheim at all. This is the first time I have ever heard Boeheim speak out against a judicial ruling against one of his players, and having looked at the evidence in the case, I agree with the coach. Although Devendorf is already on probation for a previous fight, there is nothing that says that he would face immediate suspension  if found guilty for anything else.

Devendorf wasn't found guilty of hitting this girl, and there is little in the evidence to suggest that anything more than a verbal exchange occurred.

Students at Syracuse are allowed to appeal their suspensions and can do everything any other student can do during an appeal. Why should Boeheim sit Devendorf? Especially if he thinks that a suspension is going too far?

The judicial board said that its decision to suspend Devendorf was not meant to be punitive, but isn't suspending a scholarship basketball player a tad puniutive during basketball season?

Boeheim believes in his heart that this decision should and will be reversed, so I think he is within his right to allow Devendorf to play.

Boeheim has never abused that authority while coaching at his alma mater, has he Seth? I didn't think so.