Denver Broncos: 4 Personnel Moves Team Should Make for New Offense

Adam OdekirkContributor IINovember 13, 2011

Denver Broncos: 4 Personnel Moves Team Should Make for New Offense

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    The season is far from over, and the Denver Broncos' new offense being designed around quarterback Tim Tebow may not be the same offense run in 2012.

    Maybe it will however, and if so, it might be fun to talk a little bit about the things Denver can do to complement this new option attack.

    If the Broncos go on to make an improbable playoff run and decide they want to see more of Tim Tebow next season, here are few moves that the Broncos could make to help this offense continue to succeed.

Draft a Backup QB

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    If the Denver Broncos do decide to go with this new offensive attack, one thing is for sure: not just any quarterback can run it and be effective. One of the main threats is the fact that the quarterback can run the ball as well.

    We can safely say that Brady Quinn is not equipped to step in and run the same offense, and that is true of many QBs in the NFL right now. A lot of Bronco fans want to see the team draft a QB in the 2012 draft, and they might get their wish.

    What they might be surprised by is the fact that it could be a player more like Tebow than Andrew Luck.

    EJ Manuel from Florida State has the athleticism to serve as a solid backup for the current offense in Denver.

Get a Blocking Tight End

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    Daniel Graham was a lot of things in Denver; grossly overpaid, largely ineffective in the pass game, and a lock to pancake the opposing defensive lineman in run-blocking situations.

    The Broncos need that help in the rushing attack again, and even though it likely won't be in the form of Graham, he should serve as the model.

    The rushing attack is successful, and the complement of Daniel Fells, Julius Thomas and Virgil Green works for now.

    Still, imagine replacing Dante Rosario with a beefy TE who can become a bookend with Daniel Fells and lock up the other side of the opposing D-line.

Find a Receiver Who Can Climb the Ladder

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    If Tim Tebow has shown anything in his passing ability, it's that he is just good enough to throw a jump-ball and not have it be intercepted.

    Imagine if he were throwing that same ball to someone like Plaxico Burress.

    Burress has made a career out of climbing the ladder and coming down with balls he probably shouldn't have, and that could really help Tebow keep defenses honest.

    Burress is on a one-year contract with the New York Jets this season, which should be enough to have Denver fans daydreaming a bit about how good it could be next season should it work out.

Pick Up a Fullback Who Can Pick Up a Block and Tote the Rock

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    The fall of Peyton Hillis this season is as mystifying as it is frustrating. There is no doubt Hillis has a tremendous amount of talent, and hopefully whatever is going on in his head is temporary.

    In terms of the Broncos, there is now a need for a serious rushing threat out of the fullback position, and prior to his ascension to full-time running back duties, Hillis filled the FB role in Denver.

    If Cleveland has had enough of Hillis, then perhaps they would consider a deal that has already happened once before: Brady Quinn for Peyton Hillis?

    That trade might not happen again, but Denver fans have long lamented the loss of Peyton Hillis, and perhaps now is the time for his return.

    A triple option with the options being Hillis, McGahee and Tebow in 2012? Yes, please.