Ending the Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers Debate

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IDecember 16, 2008

It's been the most heated debate in Wisconsin sports this year, and quite possibly in our state's illustrious history. Were the Packers right in trading Brett Favre to accelerate the career of Aaron Rodgers?

We've had many discussions on this all season, the latest being in the comments of the "Just Accept That It's Over" post. Well now, for one last time, I would like to end the discussion by releasing The Official Bucky Channel Statement Regarding Rodgers vs. Favre.

To begin, let's go over what we've talked about already:

* Brett Favre is the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Green Bay Packers. I enjoyed watching him play for the Green and Gold while I grew up. He was an idol to me, just like he was to every other kid in Wisconsin.

* The retirement talk that has been going on since the 2003 season was growing old. So was Favre's routine of not shying away from it.

* I was heartbroken when Favre retired. Especially after a year in which Green Bay was so close to going to the Super Bowl.

* When he retired, I wanted him to stay retired. This "will he or won't he" offseason routine had gone too far, and him trying to un-retire officially crossed the line. When he starting acting like a bitch in the offseason, he crossed the line even further.

* I said I didn't have a problem with you if you rooted for Favre this season, but some of you broke a couple of the rules. I said no wearing Favre Jets jerseys to Packers games!!!

* I'm not sure what the extent of the Favre/Millen conversations were, but Jay Glazer just doesn't make up stories.

Now, after 15 weeks of the NFL, the Packers are officially out of the playoffs, the Jets could win the AFC East, and Brett Favre has been voted to the Pro Bowl. Now that we've seen how it's all shaken out after year one, this is what I am sticking by:

* No matter how well Favre could have played this year, I was going to stick by my opinion that the Packers are better off in the long term by going with Aaron Rodgers this year. I planned to stick up for Rodgers no matter what, and with how well he played this season, it wasn't hard to do at all.

* To call Rodgers "un-clutch" is not entirely fair. He has brought this team back in many games to be leading in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. That being said, it is true that he has not yet won a game on the last possession. So while it's not fair to call Rodgers "un-clutch", by no means has he truly demonstrated the characteristics of a clutch quarterback. I'd say he falls somewhere in the middle.

* The Packers have two defensive starters in the Pro Bowl mainly because of the big plays they made at the beginning of the season. The defense has been an absolute joke ever since that Saints game, and is the main reason the Packers haven't won a game since.

* Brett Favre has played better than expected with the Jets. If you are one of the many who followed him over there, then I am happy you have had something to cheer about. But if you've cheered against Aaron Rodgers on even one play this season because of your commitment to Favre, then don't ever come back.

* As well as Favre may have played, the Jets as a whole have played better. Favre, based on this season alone, does not deserve a Pro Bowl selection. If the Jets had the same season with Chad Pennington at quarterback, Pennington would have not have made the Pro Bowl (Want proof? He didn't make the Pro Bowl having a similar season with the Dolphins).

* How was trading Favre all of a sudden the Packers' decision? Who's not to say that this whole retirement was orchestrated by Favre so that he could be traded? Hmmm?

* I did not root for Favre this season and will not root for him going forward. I thank him for all the memories he has given me, and I hope the Packers and him are someday able to reconcile the right way. But not anytime soon.

* Favre is getting a lot of mileage out of those three MVPs 10 years ago. With all the times he has broken our hearts over the last decade, I seriously can not understand how some of you still defend him to your death.

* I am very disappointed in the play-calling of Mike McCarthy this season, as well as the performance of Ted Thompson. The Derrick Frost experiment is unforgivable.

And most importantly...

* The Packers were not going to win a Super Bowl with Brett Favre this season, or next season, or ever again. They proved that last year, when Favre absolutely choked in the Giants game.

You want to talk about not being clutch? Exhibit A. That being said, it was in the Packers' best interest to go forward with Rodgers. I would rather this season be a mess with Rodgers at QB then be 10-6, first round playoff exit with Favre.

Remember, we're only one season into the Aaron Rodgers Era. Let's wait awhile before we declare this a mistake.

And that's it. No more Favre talk on this blog, at least until the New Year. I'm sick of it.