Are The Miami Dolphins Back?

Charles AsburyContributor IDecember 16, 2008

Last year, at this time, the Dolphins were 0-13. Flash-forward one year, and the Tuna Fish are 9-5. Is this team, and it’s turnaround, another product of the football savior, Bill Parcells?

In the past, Bill Parcells has taken teams and transformed them into winners. The Giants, Patriots, Jets, and Cowboys all excelled under the grumpy old coach.

In his new role as V.P. of Operations, Big P., quickly enticed G.M. Jeff Ireland to join the show, who in turn hired 29 new players. Parcells then went shopping for a new coach. Tony Sparano got the gig, and since that moment, this Dolphin show finally has more fans at their home games than Marine land has on any hot summer day.

Tony Sparano is the Dolphin’s fifth coach in as many years and could possibly end up being selected "Coach of the Year. And although Parcells’ primary role is obviously personnel decisions, he still offers his coaches tips on things he sees on film, in practice, or even in warmups.

While they do have the luxury of a soft schedule this year, right now, the Dolphins are tied with the Patriots and Jets for first place in the AFC East, and if they sweep their final three games, they’re in the playoffs for the first time since 2001. They also could become the first team to win ten games after going 1-15 the previous year.

After Kansas City, Ex-Jet Coach Parcells and Ex-Jet QB Chad Pennington, will face the New York Jets for their final game. It should be a Barn Burner!  

While never being a huge fan of Big Tuna, I must give props where they’re due. So good job ole Sour Face, and can you please help out the Jacksonville Jaguars next?


By: Charles J Asbury II

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