House of the Yanks-Sox

Lorena CandelarioContributor IDecember 16, 2008

If you come to visit my house today, you may find that its fairly quiet and peaceful. But that is because the Yankees and Red Sox are anywhere but on ESPN, Fox Sports, NESN, or YES.

Come again on anytime between April and October and you will be shocked. You will be asked to take sides. The common question that circulates the room is "Red Sox or Yanks?" You will see my uncle yelling over stats, my mom arguing with my brother if whether A-Rod is handsome or not, and a big screen TV with at least four games plastered on it.

The craziest bets, Yankee dolls getting hung from my living room, and people drinking and joking ( preferably the Sox and Yanks) are all common in this house.

This house is divided, not because of our wrongdoings, but who we root for. The first floor is where the Yankee fanatics make their homes, and the second is where the Red Sox fans are located.

It all started when my parents decided to switch to the Red Sox back in the 1990s. They claim that they were Yankee fans, but they believed the Red Sox were better. Obviously the Bronx Bombers proved them wrong with winning in 1996, 1998, 19999, and 2000.

In 2001, when the notorious Yankees were defeated by the Arizona Diamondbacks, hysteria is the only world that can be explained. My uncle, (he is known for hating the Yankees) bought a Yanks teddy bear. He tied a noose and hung it from my living room light.

That night a big bet was made. It was between my 6 uncles. They were divided into two groups of three and they predicted the winner. The bet was that whoever lost, mad to pay for a huge "World Series Party". And I would never forget the faces of the Yankee fans. They knew that they would have to at least give 200 each.

When I ask my uncle for his reason, he simply said "Anytime the Yankees get beat, it calls for celebration." And he also added that the Yankees are not going to win another World Series title in all these years. Well his prediction has been right so far.

I would never forget the the day Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004. When my uncle (a devoted Yankees fan) made me cry because he kept reminding me of the score. It was the same day that my uncles made a bet again. The bet was the loser has to buy eight bottles of Johnny Walker. Of course that Yankee fans were confident so it was confirmed.

We all knew what happened that week, the Yankee fans didn't pass by until the next weekend where we all laughed and celebrated. The 8 bottles of Johnny Walker were all dranked by Sunday night.

The love for baseball in my family is so great that it is unexplainable. Baseball never stops for us , whether its playing it or watching it. In the winter, some of my family travel to Dominican Republic to watch "La Serie Del Caribe." It is similar to the World Baseball Classic.

Seems like the passion for baseball is just runs in our bloodstream.