WWE Rookie Mason Ryan: Should the IWC Cut the Guy Some Slack?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2011

Mason Ryan has been on a bit of a roll lately and he looks to have his sights set on winning his first title from Dolph Ziggler.

There have been some articles recently on Bleacher Report where people have been saying Ryan is not deserving of the push he is getting.

I can't say I disagree with that due to the fact that he is quite inexperienced, but I don't think he is the one who should be getting the flack for this, it is the person behind the push.

When Ryan joined up with WWE he was sent to FCW to train just like everybody who is not already a legend in their own right. Ryan only began training to wrestle in 2006.

He wrestled all over Europe and even in places like Egypt. He even teamed with current WWE star Sheamus at one event where they represented the United Kingdom. Another funny fact is that Ryan used to go by the nickname the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus' current nickname in WWE.

So Ryan has some experience, but little in comparison to most guys in WWE. He went to FCW in mid-2009 to begin his training.

Ryan climbed the ranks of FCW pretty quickly to become the heavyweight champion. I recently read an interview conducted with him during this time where he actually acknowledged that he was very green in comparison to many wrestlers and did not quite understand his push.

Frankly, I can't remember the last time I heard a wrestler admit they did not deserve the spot they had. The reason Ryan was pushed was obvious, he was the younger version of the hugely popular Dave Batista.

For months before Batista left WWE I had heard about this guy in FCW who looked just like him but was about 15 years younger and from Europe.

I waited for awhile and heard little more about Ryan until he showed up that fateful night on Raw and became Punk's newest member of the Nexus.

After Nexus broke up Mason Ryan was kind of pushed aside in favor of Punk's new angle and he was brought back as a babyface a few months later.

Since his return he has been on a rampage and some people are upset about that. Let me ask a question to all of the people who doubt the push, what did you expect WWE to do with him?

He is insanely muscular so they are never going to portray him as weak, he is young and pretty quick so he will never be portrayed as slow and dumb and he is getting decent crowd reactions when he comes out.

The last few weeks I have been surprised at the positive responses Mason Ryan has received, and I am not just talking about during their overseas tour where he is obviously going to be cheered more by his countrymen.

I am not advocating for him, or defending WWE for the push, what I am saying is we in the IWC need to cut him some slack because we all know he has no booking power so what do we expect him to do, request to lose his matches?

Ryan is doing what any young guy getting a push right out of the gate would do, he is embracing it and trying his best to improve, and he has improved since he first showed up.

I am seeing him perform new moves each match and he has been utilizing more than just power moves which shows he has potential to be multi-dimensional.

His mic skills need a lot of work but that comes with experience. Punk was not the pipe bomb dropping mic master he is now when he first showed up in WWE so we should not expect Mason Ryan to be either.

I am liking Mason Ryan more and more each week and I actually think he could be a big asset to WWE if he keeps improving and learning from those who have knowledge to pass on to him.

So I am asking the IWC as a faithful member to give Mason Ryan some more time to develop before crucifying him.