2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Tell Us How to Stop Sebastian Vettel

Sebastien AlborContributor INovember 12, 2011

Sebastian Vettel clinched his 14th pole position in the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Sebastian Vettel clinched his 14th pole position in the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Newly crowned world Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing has been unstoppable in the qualifying session of the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The German champion nipped both McLaren Mercedes in the last session of the qualifying race, after everyone had expected the McLarens would start the grid in the 1-2 positions.

Time is already off, as Vettel sneaked in after the two McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button finished Q3 with searing runs. It was a gut-wrenching scene as the German's Red Bull dived into the finish lane to overtake both McLarens. Vettle will take his 14th pole position of the 2011 F1 season.

The youngest double F1 champion ties Nigel Mansell's long-running record for most poles in a season. Vettel could have given the pole to Hamilton, as the British driver streaked past his teammate Button at the finish line. Vettel timed 1:38.481 for the pole position. Hamilton is in second place with 1:38.622, and Button logged his time of 1:38.631 for third place.

Does Vettel need to be in pole position, as he already secured his new title? The German champion is so competitive that even his team principal, Christian Horner, and Red Bull's engineers can not make him slow down. The RB7 is such a dependable F1 car that it gave Vettel and his team the championship.

This is not the year for other F1 teams, as Red Bull dominates the field. All the rest have to do is go back to the drawing board and make their cars as reliable as the RB7.

McLaren has been in the shadow of Red Bull and must do what it takes to dislodge the current champion. It has a strong driver tandem in Button and Hamilton, both former F1 champions.

Ferrari has also made its mark in this season but will have to make some developments on its car.

The only way to beat Sebastian Vettel is to force him to make aggressive moves that will cost him his lead. A dependable and efficient F1 car is also a major factor to stop the Red Bull Racing juggernaut.

Let us watch Formula 1 live streams for tomorrow's 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result and see if Vettel can clinch another podium finish.