Neymar Snubs Europe, the Most Mature Decision by the Brazilian?

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 12, 2011

After so much anticipation with regards to the most suitable destination for the young Brazilian, who possess amazing talent, it seems this saga has finally come to a conclusion—well, for the time being at least.

Many hoped to see more of the Brazilian with him considering a move abroad, but could he have just made the best possible decision for his own future.

Santos has confirmed that Neymar signed a new deal that will see him remain in Brazil until 2014. 

This deal is a massive success for the club, who have been fighting off the vultures of Europe who can't wait to get their hands on this talent.

Personally, I hoped he would choose Madrid, with the other likeliest choices Barcelona, Chelsea and Man City.

But in terms of growing as a player, maturing and, most importantly, living up to all the expectations, it could be the only choice he had was to remain in Brazil.

In recent articles and discussions, many made the point that he could be a failure once he moved abroad at such a young age. While I might disagree with that, there's no doubt his committing to Santos can only be a positive move.

In an interview with Globoesporte after the deal was agreed, Neymar said:

"I know I am making history by staying at Santos, but I hope I can do much more. And it is not by chance: I love this club. I love playing in Brazil,"

He continued: "I do not know anything about those offers, because my father [and agent] would not lend that information to me. But it does not matter.

"I have always said I wanted to stay and that I'm happy at Santos. I dream of playing in Europe, but I am only 19, I don't need to leave now."

In terms of his personal growth, could this be the most mature decision he youngster has made?

While we can still expect his name to pop up during the transfer window, the chances of a move in the new year are very slim.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration, is an extended deal could imply an increase in is value.

A few more seasons in Brazil could only add up to a more extraordinary player, one that could take on the likes of Leo Messi, Ronaldo and co. in the big league.

For those who will want to argue my previous views, I am not suggesting his not ready for Europe, simply stating that he can only get better playing at home for a little while longer.