Oklahoma Sooners: Why There Is No Way in Hell They Should Play for the BCS Title

Chris NelsonContributor IINovember 12, 2011

National Championship teams do not lose at home as four touchdown favorites to third rate schools like Texas Tech.
National Championship teams do not lose at home as four touchdown favorites to third rate schools like Texas Tech.Brett Deering/Getty Images

As someone who sees things from an SEC point of view, I am probably going to be heavily ridiculed for this article.

However, I feel it is my duty to point out the truth to the delusional Oklahoma fans who think, in some way, their team deserves to play for a national championship if the chips fall in the right place.

I am not saying it isn't possible for Oklahoma to make the BCS Title Game, but I am saying that I may die of a brain aneurysm if they do.

Let us say that Oklahoma smashes Baylor and Iowa State and then goes on to beat Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game. The Sooners will have wins over potential regular season final Top 25 teams Texas, Kansas State, Florida State and Oklahoma State. They would be champions of what may be, all around, the toughest conference in college football.

This sounds like a fairly good resume, until you look at the game they lost. Oklahoma gave up almost 600 yards and lost at home to a Texas Tech team that will likely finish with seven losses.

Since beating Oklahoma, Texas Tech has been outscored by Texas and Iowa State 93-27. Oklahoma was a four touchdown favorite yet trailed by almost that much in the third quarter. I repeat that there is no way in hell they deserve to play for a national championship after that.

It should not matter that the Sooners offense is better than Alabama's or LSU's. It should not matter that may rank ahead of Alabama in strength of schedule according to the computers. It should not matter that they will be coming off a road win over the No. 2 team in the nation.

What should matter is that they have a terrible defense that delusional Oklahoma fans will tell you is as good as the defenses of Alabama Louisiana State.

Oklahoma's defense isn't as good as Alabama's and LSU's backup defenses.

Defenses win championships. Ask every superior offense team that got beat by an SEC team in a BCS Championship Game, which includes two Oklahoma teams.

Remember when the greatest offenses ever scored an incredible 14 on the Gators at the Orange Bowl? Alabama and LSU have two of the best defenses of all time, and that is why they are clearly superior to everyone else.

For a second let us compare Oklahoma's resume to their two biggest contenders. Alabama will have wins over Arkansas, Penn State, Florida and Auburn. Penn State could win the Big 10. Arkansas can easily finish with only losses to Alabama and LSU. Florida and Auburn could sit in the final regular season Top 25 if they both finish at 8-4. Alabama and LSU should finish out with their only close game being against each other.

Boise State would also be compared with Alabama and Oklahoma for championship consideration. Boise State's only real game was with Georgia, which could easily finish 10-3 as the SEC East Champion. I normally would argue for a team like Oklahoma over Boise, but considering how embarrassing Oklahoma's loss is, I am not willing to do that now.

People would argue against Alabama because they don't want to see a rematch. "They had their chance" seems to be a popular phrase. Well, Oklahoma had their chance too. They controlled their BCS destiny and lost as four touchdown favorite to a team that has a fair chance of failing to become bowl eligible.

Metaphorically, Alabama dropped a tough over the should one handed catch in double coverage on second down from midfield with three minutes left in a tie game, while Oklahoma was wide open in the end zone on the last play while down by four and let it go through their hands. If Alabama blew their shot, then words cannot state what Oklahoma did. 

Alabama's loss should be forgiven, and probably won't be. Oklahoma's loss is unforgivable, but voters who are violently against a rematch probably will forgive it. It is funny these are some of the same people who argue for a playoff, where we may see plenty of rematches.

If Oklahoma is allowed in to the championship game, they will be one of the most undeserving title game participants in the BCS's history. Boise State would be more deserving than Oklahoma. Boise State lacks an epic home choke job as four touchdown favorite.

If all hell breaks loose, Oklahoma should not play for the National Championship. Alabama or Boise State should. Oklahoma fans should not argue with that statement, but I am fairly sure they will. National Championship teams do not lose at home as four touchdown favorites to mediocre teams.