The Insanity of SportsCenter: Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, and Stephen A. Smith?

Nick Condit@@NConditCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

Chris McKendry began a SportsCenter segment about the Dallas Cowboys with something like this:

"Now back to the drama in Dallas, Tony Romo has a sore back and Marion Barber has a sore toe."

Is she serious? She sounds like a middle-school nurse telling the school principal the status of two whining fifth-graders after gym class.

The Cowboys are the most annoying dramatic sports team on earth because the national media eats up their every move. SportsCenter follows the Cowboys like my mom followed me around when I was but a year old.

Trent Dilfer says Romo played "through excruciating pain," he said, "It's tough to think when your in that kind of pain."

Really? I mean of course, sure he's a tough guy, he probably hurt his lower back somehow. It's Romo second significant injury this year, the first coming by way of an injured finger.

No wonder Brett Favre encouraged Romo to play through his finger injury, but he didn't. Why is Tony Romo such a tough guy? Brett Favre hasn't missed a start since...was I alive? I don't know but I do know that it's not Tony Romo's fault.

The national media bias for the Dallas Cowboys is ridiculous. They beat the Giants. OK. That's great, the Eagles did too last week. The Giants are not unbeatable, especially with the loss of Plaxico Burress

The Cowboys have a lot of work to do just to make the playoffs. But who knows maybe if some players get "healthy" they can make a run. But let's just relax about the Cowboys.

We don't need to know their injury lists after every practice. We don't need to know that Terrell Owens and Jason Witten got in some kind of altercation, however verbal it may have been.

If they make the playoffs, we may then start talking about Dallas as a Super Bowl contender.

Steve Young has predicted a Colts-Cowboys Super Bowl. What happens if the 'Boys lose to the Ed Reed-led Baltimore Ravens, who are coming of a heart-breakingly close loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

All the sudden there will be talk of Wade Philips' job security. So I say, let's just wait and see before we dub anybody Super Bowl contenders. Because you can't win a Super Bowl if you're not in the playoffs.

But the Dallas drama is really the T.O. drama. Owens is an unbelievable human being. He has problems and he knows it. Whether he's "attempting suicide" or having a problem with EVERY quarterback he's ever played with, he's just a big problem unless the team is in the Super Bowl. And if his team does make the Super Bowl, he's gonna want more money.

I can't wait until T.O. starts getting old and isn't the same athletic specimen that he is. Teams won't want Terrell Owens, and that's when he will realize that a lot of people really don't like him.

Chris McKendry ended that same SportsCenter broadcast with something like this:

"Make sure you watch tonight, 6 PM, a Terrell Owens interview with Stephen A. Smith, on SportsCenter."

You won't believe how many people will watch that. Then I think to myself, Terrell Owens and Stephen A. Smith together? It could be entertaining.