Top 10 MMA Fighters: Past and Present

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

My list starts with Anderson Silva at the top, just like everyone else...Not. For me, it has to be (1) Fedor Emelienko. I have always liked this guy's fighting style. 

Fedor bum-rushes his opponents, delivers a little ground and pound, and before you knew it, you had to tap out or your arm would snap in half. He is ugly, mean, and ruthless in the ring. 

His record in the heavyweight division is practically unreal. He's 28-1 and he delivered beatings to all Pride FC could offer. There are few left who can take him, even today, past his prime.

After Fedor, obviously, I have to give props to "The Spider" (2) Anderson Silva—the savviest fighter in the world. This warrior is a menace to his opponents with a style that has yet to be duplicated. 

Whether it is the violent Muay-Thai knees he delivers or the combinations from his lightning-quick hands, this guy can dot your eye in a split second. A great wrestler as well, he has not been tested in years.

Next has to be (3) Don Frye. Now, this guy here delivered beatdowns to people all across the globe.  He was American and as John Wayne as he could be. He seemed like the wrong dude to smart off too in a bar for sure. WHAM! WHAM! 

Don Frye was what I interpreted as the brawler with a chin. We are all aware of his wrestling background—college teammate of Cotoure—but his hands were like cement bricks.

I always liked (4) Chuck Liddell, and it may seem a bit redneck of me, but this guy was a tremendous wrestler, but what he was known for was the KO's he delivered.  Wow, how quick we forget the punishing beatdowns he delivered.

If you don't like (5) Wanderlai Silva, you just didn't know MMA, or you have no idea what kind of drive percolates in this man's head. Any questions, refer them to Quentin Jackson.

Remember the first time you saw (6) Mirko Filipovic fight? A kickboxer delivering shots that would echo in an arena holding 30,000 spectators. Now that is vicious, and he beat some folks down.

I have to admit I am a (7) B.J. Penn fan as well. People talk about his striking skills, and yes, he does hit hard. But no one really see's the grappler who looks like he has two sets of hands when he is on his opponent.

I always gave it up to my man (8) Randy Cotoure. When I saw him defeat a young Vitor Belfort, I was in utter disbelief. "Captain America" never disappointed in his career as a true warrior in the ring.

I don't much care for anything Canadian except for (9) Georges St. Pierre. Now, this guy is a Martial Artist, who, guess what, learned to wrestle. He is so scary good right now, and with the rematch with B.J. Penn coming up, it's on. We have a real treat for the entire MMA community when they enter the octagon.

Finally, I will give it up for (10) Dan Henderson. His collegiate and Olympic career sum up what he really is...One of the toughest son of a guns in MMA, ever. A warrior and a fighter who never backed down.


Honorable Mention

Evan Tanner, Liyota Machida, Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, Antonio Nogueria, Matt Serra, Forrest Griffin, Rampage Jackson, Maurice Smith, Vitor Belfort, Gary Goodrich, The entire Gracie Clan, Dan Severen, Roger Heurta, Maurico Rua, Josh Koschek, Kazuyuki Fujita, Alister Overeem, Mike Swick, Josh Barnett, Mark Coleman, and every MMA fighter who is contributing to the best hand-to-hand combat sport in the world.

Thanks for your time.