WWE '12: Batista Announced as the 1st Legend in the January DLC Pack!

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIINovember 11, 2011


Batista has been announced for the upcoming WWE video game WWE ’12. On the THQ website today, The Animal’s appearance was announced as part of the Legends DLC pack, which is due to be released in January 2012.

Just mere months after slagging off the product on Twitter for being too watered down, Batista will once again be a part of the WWE Universe, and you can control how he is received as is explained by THQ:

As one of the most dominating Superstars in WWE history, 'The Animal' Batista has been a mainstay on the rosters of past WWE games. He's back in the Legends DLC Pack for WWE '12. Will you re-form 'Evolution' and have them cause havoc all over your WWE Universe mode? Which Batista will you be bringing back to WWE '12? Will the Universe boo or cheer the legendary beast? The choice is up to you.

Now, one thing we can take from this opening paragraph on the Batista page is that it looks like creating stables will not be a problem.

I hope that I can create more than one stable at once, as I’d probably have Batista join Mason Ryan in a tag team. In last year’s game, SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, it was only possible to have a superstar in one stable at a time for some unknown reason.

That is one of the main reasons my copy of that game now sits collecting dust as I await the arrival of WWE ’12. The website goes on to reveal more details:

Alright, we know that you know that we know that Batista is not the only Legend we're revealing. We have two left to go, but let me know what you think of Batista's inclusion in WWE '12 on Twitter @stephensonmc. We can't hardly wait for the remaining two Legends. Don't worry, we're just days away now... *shuts spotlight off*

Who will these two legends be? Who would you like them to be? I personally hope one of them is Mick Foley in all four of his wrestling attires.

Another nice addition would be someone like Hulk Hogan or Scott Hall, so people can re-enact the nWo storyline to their heart’s content.

Either way, I hope they don’t fluff it away on somebody boring and outdated like Grand Master Sexay.

Has the announcement of Batista got you drooling at the DLC pack? Whether it has or not, please leave a comment detailing your thoughts on this revelation.


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