TNA Jersey Shore Video: Watch Ronnie Score Huge Win in Wrestling Debut

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In his wrestling debut, Ronnie of Jersey Shore fame teamed with Eric Young to take on the team of Robbie E and Rob Terry Thursday night on TNA Impact Wrestling. Ronnie and Robbie E had developed a bit of a rivalry due to Robbie E's clear impersonation of Jersey Shore personality Pauly D.

Robbie E and Terry dominated for much of the match, but Ronnie took control after a hot tag from Young. Ronnie dropped Robbie E with a clothesline and a fairly good-looking body slam before Young dropped the elbow and Ronnie scored the pinfall.

As is often the case when celebrities get involved in wrestling angles, Ronnie wasn't asked to do much and was made to look strong in going over Robbie E. While Ronnie only had to execute a couple moves, he actually did pretty well.

Some of his mannerisms were a bit strange, and his clothesline was sloppy, but the body slam was impressive, and he certainly didn't embarrass himself out there. WWE had Snooki wrestle a tag-team match at WrestleMania last year, but TNA has been saddled with lesser Jersey Shore stars like Ronnie.

While Ronnie's involvement was entertaining and really didn't hurt anything, his feud with Robbie E is like the minor leagues in terms of a wrestler/Jersey Shore rivalry. The match that I'm sure everyone wants to see is WWE's Zack Ryder against The Situation.

Robbie E is a clear ripoff of Jersey Shore, but Ryder actually developed his own character before the show ever aired. He has made passing mentions of The Situation and Jersey Shore on his Z! True Long Island Story YouTube show, and would most certainly like to mix it up with him.

If the WWE is looking for more celebrity involvement at this year's WrestleMania, then they mustn't look any further than Zack Ryder vs. The Situation. Once Ryder fist pumps the face of The Situation, it will put Ronnie's TNA foray to shame.

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