Daniel Paille Video: Watch Boston Bruins Forward Take Slapshot to the Face

Michael DixonAnalyst IIINovember 11, 2011


Hockey players are just a different breed of, not only athletes, but humans. 

Baseball players do get hit in the face with pitches and batted balls on occasion. However, when that happens, they are generally not putting their face in front of the ball. That's not the case with Daniel Paille of the Bruins, though.

This situation is only worth looking at because Paille is okay. 

For the record, this game was played on Monday night. Paille did not play in Boston's next game on Thursday.

The following is what ESPN had to say on Paille's page.

Paille (nose) is considered doubtful for Thursday's game against the Oilers, according to the Bruins' official Twitter page. 

Does that look like an injury that should leave any doubt? After all, we're talking about three days, here. 

Now, that same page lists Paille as day-to-day.

According to the Bruins Blog, Paille also calls himself day-to-day.

It's sort of tough to comprehend how this injury wouldn't put someone out for a pretty long time.

Yet, here we are. The Bruins Blog says that Paille doesn't feel he'll play on Saturday, but that's still a pretty loose statement given what's happened to him. 

Frankly, this is a nasty injury. By hockey standards, though, it's just not. It's not uncommon for players to dive in front of a puck and take a shot to their body—anywhere on the body. 

Maybe it's a knee or foot, but it's often to the face or throat.

I don't understand how players can see that, wait out the delay and then go out and do the exact same thing within minutes. 

Hockey players are a different breed, folks.


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