Make It Five: Steelers Clinch Fifth Division Title of Decade

Charlie CoxCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

The drive for five this decade has been a long, hard fought road, accentuated by this season—five titles in eight years.

Coming off a mediocre 8-8 season two years ago, the Steelers have turned the franchise in the right direction again setting a 10-6 mark last year, and have already surmounted an 11-3 record this year.

The Steelers defense has made a name for itself, or resurrected one for that matter. Many are referring to this unit as the best defensive unit since the Steel Curtain of the seventies.

Along with Ben Roethlisberger's last minute heroics that have earned him the "Captain Comeback" identity, the Steelers have become virtually immovable and unbeatable and have made their definite statement of Super Bowl contenders.

Roethlisberger himself said, "This is the best team I've played with since the Super Bowl in 2005."

Other players have voiced their opinions such as defensive end Aaron Smith, who says that, "The team is playing for each other."

This Steelers' season was said to be the hardest schedule in the NFL, but they have persevered to win eleven games and beat top tier teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and have eclipsed the Ravens,  who have been compared to the 2005 Steelers, twice.

The season really is a magical one, as said by head coach Mike Tomlin, and will continue to prove so.

Pittsburgh's "Godsend" in Big Ben has played absolutely phenomenal, but will have to create more scoring opportunities to get past the Titans and lead to victories in the postseason.

I put all my faith in Roethlisberger and admit this is the best Steelers team I've ever watched. There is no reason this team, this family, doesn't have a legitimate shot at being the first to six.