Why Charlie Weis Deserves to Keep His Job at Notre Dame

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

What makes a College Football team? Most would say the quarterback makes the team, but many deep football scholars realize it all begins with a strong, powerful, bright head coach.

There have been countless arousing moves made in college football over job switches this offseason, and they aren't getting any lighter. This is Charlie Weis' life, day in and day out: Constant questions, constant threats, constant negativity. In my opinion, the time has come to give the man a break.

Let's take a flashback to one of our friends: Tyrone Willingham, the former coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and now the ex-coach of the Washington Huskies. While he wasn't amazing, he posted a mark of 21-15—a respectable record speaking for three years and bringing in a new system and players.

But like Weis, Willingham took countless shots and eventually was fired from his position in 2005 to then be replaced by current head man Weis.

What good came out of the Willingham fiasco, you say? Absolutely nothing, and if anything, it would have put them in the hole if not for Charlie doing a fantastic job in his first two years.

Weis is currently holding a 28-21 record. While this looks completely awful compared to Ty Willingham, just remember what happened when Weis stepped in. He took over all of Ty's recruits, who had become juniors and sophomores, and they then went on to a Fiesta Bowl berth. Is Weis not sitting in that same position with his players now?

If given this year, a handful of his recruits are ready to take that next step to stardom as we saw this year. This seems logical to keep him and let him truly see if his recruits can do it.

Another note that would completely help solidify Weis for next year is a bowl victory over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl. A victory, especially a convincing one, would all but show that he is ready to make the leap.

This truly is about more than just shipping a guy off because you don't like him. Give him one more year, and if it doesn't work, then the decision becomes a little easier and more logical to cast him then.

Stick with Chuck—he knows what he's doing.