Auburn Will Win Nine Games in Gene Chizik's First Year

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

I am getting sick and tired of Auburn fans totally trashing Gene Chizik as the hire and questioning his integrity.  Look, the object in life as a family man is to do what?  It is to provide and do what is best for you and, most importantly, your family. 

That is what Coach Chizik has done his entire life while doing the job he loves.  Who wouldn't take a better job where you make more money for a better company?  If you say me, then you are a liar or you really enjoy being a sham artist.

To hire a coach with a losing record from Iowa State may seem questionable, but is it as questionable as hiring a losing coach from Texas A&M?  Let's take a look into the career of the legendary Gene Stallings. 

After Coach Stallings' last season at Texas A&M, he had compiled a dismal record of 27-45-1.  We all know the Aggies have a rich tradition and losing there is not a regularity.  They have higher standards than Iowa State.

Now Gene Stallings did have an extended break as a head coach and for obvious reasons, but many years later the Crimson Tide came calling, and all he did was win a National Championship and compile a 70-16-1 record.

It just seems silly that Alabama fans and, more importantly, Auburn fans keep saying this is the worst hire Auburn has ever had, and why would we hire a coach with a 5-19 record?  To be honest, I don't know, but the talent is there.  Always has been and always will be.

Auburn is one of the top 20 programs in the history of college football.  They play a part in two of the nation's best rivalries.  Auburn will always be a place that kids want to play at.  Not of the magnitude of Alabama and Texas, but what schools have that?

Once Auburn opens up the 2009 season with a win against West Virginia and this football team that was built to run the rock starts using the O-line to run block 60-70 percent of the game, the new staff will look like geniuses.

All the crow will be served, and Gene Chizik will look like a smart hire.  He has the credentials and the experience to win given the right kids and attitude.  That was always lacking at Iowa State.  I mean, they are the Cyclones for crying out loud.

Auburn will win nine games next season, and we will see a newfound attitude and passion at Auburn for the years to come.  Three words can sum it up...WAR DAMN EAGLE!