MLB Trade Talk: Possible Trade Scenarios for New York Yankees Jesus Montero

Joe Acampado@@AwesomepadoCorrespondent INovember 11, 2011

MLB Trade Talk: Possible Trade Scenarios for New York Yankees Jesus Montero

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    Jesus Montero has been the subject of trade talk for a while now.  This winter isn't going to be any different.

    It's no secret that the New York Yankees are in need of pitching.  They need pitching like Eddie Murphy needed his Tower Heist comeback.  Without it, we'd all say, yeah they were good but not anymore and reminisce about the old days of the '90s.

    Expect Montero's name to be floated around and to come up during this offseason.  There's a good chance he won't get traded, but it's hard to imagine Brian Cashman passing on the right offer.

    So here's a list of possible trade scenarios for Jesus Montero.

Clayton Kershaw

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    Clayton Kershaw was the NL's best pitcher this past season.  He was also the league's second best pitcher, behind only Justin Verlander.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers aren't in any position to win it all soon.  Not to mention they have that whole bankruptcy thing to deal with.

    Kershaw is one of the Dodgers' young stars, and it's hard to imagine them giving him up, but in the right deal, anything's possible.

    Obviously Montero would have to go.  The Yankees could structure a package around him and one of their young arms in the minors or even Hector Noesi.

    The Dodgers would be more interested in prospects since the Liberty Bell's in a better shape then they are.  The right package of prospects headlined by Montero could persuade the Dodgers it's time to retool and get cheaper.

Jered Weaver

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    The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim might be more willing in parting with Dan Haren and his $12.75 million contract.  However, if the New York Yankees are going to deal Jesus Montero, they might as well aim for the top.

    Jered Weaver is the Angels' ace and is still under 30 years old.  He's gotten better over the past several seasons and will continue to get better as he's in his prime.

    The Angels have a shot at making the playoffs, but with the Texas Rangers' recent surge, they've been denied that these past couple of years.

    Montero would give the Angels a high caliber, young bat, which is what they desperately needed ever since Vladimir Guerrero left.

    The Angels have put together wins by good pitching, smart managing and by playing small ball.  Montero could change that give them an offensively charged lineup.

    Of course, the Angels would also ask for a young pitching prospect in return, and I envision one of the Killer B's possibly being in that package.

Troy Tulowitzki

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    Yeah, I said the New York Yankees need pitching, but it's hard to ignore the impact Troy Tulowitzki would have on the team.  It's also hard to ignore that the left side of the Yankee's infield is 73 years old.

    Tulowitzki would be able to give Derek Jeter some rest at shortstop as Jeter would be able to DH.  The same could be said for Alex Rodriguez.  Tulowitzki is an excellent fielder, and I'm sure he'd be willing to slide over to third if asked to especially since it would allow him to play next to his idol, Derek Jeter.

    This move would make the Yankees' infield younger while giving some rest to the team's core.

    Jesus Montero's bat and Tulowitzki's would essentially just switch with neither team losing or gaining much offensively.

    The Colorado Rockies would get younger and cheaper which makes sense for them since they're not exactly World Series bound.

Felix Hernandez

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    Of course, this would be the obvious one.

    The Seattle Mariners aren't going anywhere and have the worst offense in the league (no really they ranked 30th in just about everything last season).  The New York Yankees need a starter who can slide in behind CC Sabathia.

    Felix Hernandez and Jesus Montero have been two names who have been linked together for some time now.  Thus far, the Mariners have been unwilling to part with King Felix but for the right price, their mind could change.

    Montero would be the headliner of the package followed by Hector Noesi most likely or even one of the Killer B's.  The rest of the package would consist of minor leaguers that the Mariners would be interested in.

    King Felix would finally give the Yankees a reliable pitcher not named CC Sabathia.  That would be one of the most dangerous one-two combos for any rotation.

    Montero would give the Mariners youth and a bat to start that rebuilding process.

    It's a trade that makes the most sense, but we'll have to see if the Mariners and Yankees agree.