Cleveland Browns Seem to Deteriorate Weekly

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

The Browns are playing in a manner we have come to expect.

No one really thought that they would compete with Philadelphia in last night's game, and they didn't. Everyone from the fan on the street to the odds-makers in Vegas knew that this was a mismatch.

How often can you say that the score was closer than it should have been in a twenty-point blowout?

What bothers me the most is the deteriorating play of good players.

Joe Thomas is the epitome of this trend. Last year, he was an all-pro tackle who played excellently. This year, he has regressed into a mediocre tackle who's getting beat more and more frequently. In last night's game he was humiliated. His lack of footwork allowed him to be beat by speed rushes time and time again.

What happened?

We all know the woes of Braylon Edwards. One of the league's elite receivers last year, he has become a joke. Anytime your best receiver makes a reception and the announcer says, "Well, he caught that one," you know that the team is an embarrassment.

Derek Anderson, who was also an All-Pro last season, was the worst QB in the league until his eventual benching.

Donte Stallworth has always been a fine receiver. That is until he put on the orange helmet. He is now a seldom thrown to, single-covered, afterthought.

Jamal Lewis went from a 1,000-yard rusher to a hesitant, stutter-stepping runner who gains very few yards.

Very few players are even working hard. I'm not sure that this team can be resurrected. We have too many overpaid, underachieving players who are just waiting to get to the off-season.

It has been a mistake to let Crennel finish the season. In doing this, the team has created an environment of losing. No one needs to impress Romeo because he'll be gone. No one needs to work because no one expects this team to do anything but lose.

This has been the most harmful season in the history of the franchise.

As much as I would like to see Cowher here, he'd be an idiot to grant my wish. Each week this team shows that it needs more and more changes. It is almost to the point that the list of those who should stay is shorter than the list of those who should go.

It's a gut-wrenching chore to watch this team play.