WWE Superstars 11/10/11: Recap, Thoughts and Minutiae

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIINovember 11, 2011


The show opened with the announcement of the main event between Daniel Bryan and William Regal.   Justin Gabriel sauntered down the ring while grinning.  Josh Mathews and Matt Striker called the action.  Then, Curt Hawkins sauntered down to some nice canned heat and played with a cane. 

Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins 

Both men teased a hookup then Justin took Hawkins on his back with a leg take down.  Hawkins rolled to the outside.  After getting back in the ring, they exchanged a series of holds and reverses.  Hawkins hit a shoulder block. Gabriel returned the favor with a drop kick.  Taking over on offense, Gabriel hit his leg sweep for two counts.  Hawkins ducked outside and Gabriel hit a corkscrew crossbody at 2:20.  Gabriel put Hawkins back in the ring and ate a knee for his trouble.  Taking out the South African's leg, Hawkins was smug while Gabriel sold it into the break. 

Back from break, Hawkins had Gabriel in a submission hold.  Curt was dominating the action with a few stops and a stepover toe hold.  Gabriel broke the hold and teased a false comeback, but Hawkins wouldn't have any part of it.  Hawkins hit Justin with a running clothesline and got a two count.  Curt resumed control with the stepover toe hold.  Gabriel broke the submission and hit Curt with a series of kicks and punches while selling the leg. 

Justin hit a spinning kick for a two count.  Hawkins took over with a scoop slam and nearly got a two count.  Justin hit a slam of his own two count.  Gabriel went up for a 450 Splash but Hawkins played possum and came up behind the high flier.  Hawkins hits a falling slam for a two count.  Hawkins went for a cane but ate a kick for his trouble.  Gabriel went up for 450 Splash and hit it for the pinfall.

Winner: Gabriel via Pinfall @ 8:19. 

This was a solid enough match with a bit of storytelling.  Gabriel did a good job selling the leg, even going so far as stumbling at key moments which added to the match. Curt was a solid enough heel as well. 


Alex Riley vs.  Michael McGillicutty

Both men circled around then hooked up.  McGillicutty backed A-Ry into the corner. A-Ry hit a hip toss followed by a faceplant on Michael in the corner.  Then, McGillicutty hit a kick on A-Ry's leg and took over on offense.  Michael beat down Riley in the corner and got a two count.  A-Ry powered out but ate a knee.  McGillicutty was definitely sporting some fuzz.  The usual heel shtick from Michael cost him as A-Ry hit a Russian leg sweep.  A few clotheslines and a spine buster put A-Ry in control.  Riley hits the TKO for a three count. 

Winner:  Riley via Pinfall @ 4:19. 

This was a simple match to shake the ring rust from A-Ry. Neither man really looked bad, but not really much to it otherwise.

Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal

The announcers pimped the relationship between Regal and Bryan.  They locked up and Regal got backed into the corner.  The ref broke t up and they locked up again.  Regal gained control and worked over Bryan's arm.  Bryan then reversed after a cartwheel and Regal returned the favor.  Bryan missed a drop kick while Regal smiled.  They circled again and locked up.  Regal worked the arm again and they broke it up.  Regal resumed control on offense. 

They locked up in a test of strength where Regal overpowered the American Dragon.  Bryan hopped up and let loose with some kicks and hit a suplex.  Regal rolled out of the ring. Bryan then nailed a flying knee outside to lay Regal low.

Bryan was in control with a rear headlock.  Regal got Bryan to the corner and hit some shoulders to the midsection.  Few knees and elbows later and the ref backed Regal out.  Bryan stormed out in a flurry of kicks.  Regal backed into the corner while Bryan continued to hit a series of kicks.  Regal wrapped up Bryan and nailed a suplex to get a break. 

Both men got back to their feet and Regal locked in a Dragon Sleeper.  Regal hits a series of punches on Bryan after letting go of the hold.  Bryan went back to work on Regal's leg, including wrapping it around the ring post.

Regal's knee look all sorts of twisted. They broke the hold and Bryan got back to the leg with a half Boston Crab.   Regal sold the legs like he would a used card.  The Man's Man kicks out and Bryan tries again. Regal gained the advantage on Bryan, who ate some European Uppercuts.  They exchanged blows and Bryan nailed Regal a crescent kick.  Bryan got the LaBell Lock in and Regal tapped out immediately.

Winner:  Bryan via submission @ 10:25. 

This was a nice exhibition of classic mat work.  I have to wonder if the two fought carte blanche.  Overall,  it was a good match, though it might have been too slow for some. Bryan was a good heel in this match.

WWE Superstars is broadcast internationally and available in the US from wwe.com in their video section.  If you enjoy wrestling, I suggest you check it out.The match quality is usually pretty good and it does away with the promo work you see on Raw and SmackDown.


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