Jake Peavy to the New York Mets?

Danny BifaniContributor IDecember 15, 2008

Okay, so maybe I'm a little guilty of yellow journalism with the headline. But c'mon, why can't this become a reality? Omar Minaya has played his cards beautifully so far this offseason: He just signed the all-time single-season saves record holder, Francisco Rodriguez, who will still only be 27 next year, and then traded for Seattle's J.J Putz, without giving up any real assets, and eliminating a poison in Aaron Heilman. 

Mets fans should be able to breathe much easier in the late innings in 2009, but the early innings aren't exactly picture perfect. Aside from the best starting pitcher in the majors, what makes this team so confident in their rotation?

John Maine is only six games over .500 in his career, and while Mike Pelfrey made some serious strides this past season, he will need to prove that he can continue to improve, which is not sure thing considering he failed to win a game after Aug. 25.

So where does that leave them? I've heard Derek Lowe's name, and they're interested in bringing back Oliver Perez—at the right price. This in addition to entrust a spot in the rotation to Jon Niese? Not gonna work.

The Mets have done a great job revamping their bullpen, but it will all be for nothing if the starters are unable to turn over a lead to them. I don't know why everybody seemed convinced the Mets' offense is lethal—it's far from it.

That being said, it makes no sense to get a guy like Adam Dunn, who will provide 35-40 home runs, but also hit .240 and strikeout gazillion times, not to mention play horrendous defense. But it does make sense to get another starting pitcher. His name is Jake Peavy.

I'm not a fan of depleting the farm system, but there are times you have to make exceptions. After being eliminated in game 162 the past two seasons, now is the time to make such an exception. Peavy is a bona fide ace. He was 10-11 last season on a terrible San Diego team with an ERA of 2.85, good for third in the league behind Johan Santana and Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

Yes, the San Diego Padres will ask for any and every decent prospect the Mets have, and an arm and a leg. But it's time for Minaya to go all in—it's now or never. The Mets are thin at second base and catcher, and who knows what Delgado will provide in what will almost certainly be his last season in New York.

That could spell three enormously weak spots in the infield. But that would all become irrelevant with the two-headed monster of Santana and Peavy. Like I said, the offense is no murderers' row, but it's decent enough.

There is no chance that a team that has won 88 and 89 games in the past two seasons, respectively, fails to make the playoffs with a rotation spearheaded by Santana-Peavy and a bullpen strengthened by Putz-K-rod. If they did, I would most likely stop watching baseball.

Finally, the Mets can go sign Randy Wolf at no cost for the back end of the rotation. They're going to need another lefty starter anyway, especially to combat the Phillies' lefty bats.

A Santana-Peavy-Maine-Wolf-Pelfrey order sounds good. Get rid of Luis Castillo if you can find a cheap alternative, otherwise keep him—it doesn't make sense to trade him and still be paying most of his salary if his replacement isn't a significant upgrade.

Sign another lefty specialist for the pen, which shouldn't be too hard. Then, the transformation will be complete. Yes, the Mets' farm would be beyond barren, but the acquisition of Peavy would mean the Mets would be built to now do something they were supposed to be doing the past two years—win.