WWE Survivor Series: Why Mark Henry vs Big Show Is a Bad Idea

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IINovember 10, 2011

Mark Henry will once again put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the Big Show at Survivor Series.

Last month these two men squared off but the match ended in a no-contest when the ring collapsed underneath them. Mark Henry superplexed the Big Show off the top rope and the ring buckled upon impact.

Unfortunately the no-contest means we have to witness the two Goliaths facing off again at yet another pay-per-view.

Mark Henry became a legitimate heel within the last few months by destroying everyone in his path, including Randy Orton. Orton is widely considered the second biggest face in the WWE right now, so by defeating him handily, Mark Henry separated himself from the rest of the heels on the roster.

Enter Big Show.

Everyone is aware that the reason the Big Show was out of action was because Mark Henry “injured” him. It made perfect sense for the two giants to duke it out at the appropriately named PPV, Vengeance. However with Henry not winning soundly, it made him appear much weaker than he looked previous to his match with Big Show.

Mark Henry was very impressive when he was beating Orton and Christian, but I firmly believe that his match against the Big Show should have been one and done, with Henry beating Show cleanly.

If you want to continue to convince the WWE Universe that Henry is the real deal, then he needs a lengthy reign of dominant victories.

Instead, the WWE creative team fails once more and just wants to milk the same match for multiple pay-per-views. Perhaps younger fans were impressed with the ending of Big Show and Henry’s match, but I already saw that ending when Brock Lesnar did the same thing to Big Show eight years ago.

This feud is becoming drawn out and slowing down the momentum of Mark Henry. Henry should have been booked as an unstoppable monster for months, with fresh challengers at every PPV.

The WWE should ride Henry to WrestleMania, where an upcoming face could stun the world by winning the title.

Henry is not established enough as a heel to fool around with the Big Show right now. He needed to go a few months without any trouble to convince the fans that he is a relentless monster.

The bout with Big Show should have been a way for the WWE to continue to buy time in building up future stars like Daniel Bryan and Sheamus.

Mark Henry wrecked Kane and Big Show previously to becoming champion, and those events helped begin the process of establishing Henry as a major heel.

Then, Mark Henry defeated Orton and the WWE Universe finally began to take him seriously. Henry’s career has been one failed gimmick after another, so he needed to not only defeat Orton, but continue to defeat anyone in his way for a while.

At some point, the Big Show, Kane or both needed to return seeking revenge. However, Henry should have conquered them to further prove that no one can stop him. He should be unmatched in power during this run.

Unless Henry wins cleanly at Survivor Series, this feud will be a complete failure. If the WWE takes the belt off of Henry, then it destroys any momentum left surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship.

If we are forced to watch the Big Show and Mark Henry fight again it would have been nice to add a stipulation to the match to at least spice it up.

Maybe if the match was “no disqualifications,” it would allow them to take more rests and pace the match out better than their last meeting. They could rely more on weapons instead of trying to out-muscle each other all of the time.

I feel like the WWE needs to look at the big picture: Mark Henry should be dominating everyone in his way while the WWE builds up a face that they want to help lead the company in 2012.

Give Henry his due after such a long tenure in the WWE, and then have him put over a future superstar. I love Henry, but the WWE should use him to help establish future stars down the road.

This feud with Big Show only wastes time and makes Henry look weaker than he should. No one actually believes that the Big Show will be the next World Heavyweight Champion, so what is the point of having a second match?

I understood the revenge factor in the first meeting, but now it just seems repetitive.

People were generally interested in Mark Henry and his “Hall of Pain.” I think the idea of an unstoppable heel seemed appealing to the fans. Now I get comments and emails from readers saying they are bored with this feud because no one really believes the Big show has another run in him. Even if he did, would the fans want to see it?

What do you think about the feud between Big Show and Mark Henry? Should they even be fighting at Survivor Series?

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