New WWE Champ Jeff Hardy: Living His Dream or a New Nightmare?

Travis LeeContributor IDecember 15, 2008

Jeff Hardy has finally realized his childhood dream of becoming WWE champion by winning his match at Armageddon 2008. Jeff's time is truly long overdue, and he is damn sure worthy of the title reign. I congratulate you, Jeff Hardy.

Now, I'm going to take a look at a couple of scenario's that the WWE or should I say "vinnie mac" will do with Jeff's title reign. Will "vinnie mac" take action for the fans, or will he screw it up and ruin Jeff Hardy's career?

The first scenario is that the obvious. Jeff wins the title and heads up a new era in the WWE. After all, Jeff is a cutting edge wrestler and bears amazing talent. He has good television and microphone presence. But this is not a likely scenario, based on the fact that Jeff's character has not been built for this.

Scenario No. 2 embarks Jeff on a short title reign. He would lose the title in a matter of weeks if not days. I  believe that "vinnie mac" would be an ass in this manner to teach Jeff a lesson in manipulation.

Vince doesn't just own the WWE, he actually believes that he owns the superstars as well. "Vinnie mac" would be stupid enough to cause this nightmare for Hardy because he knows that Hardy would never live down due to HHH's labeling him as coming up short.

This last scenario is my favorite and if "vinnie mac" was smart, he could eat this one for good year or two. Jeff Hardy has become champ; a new era is among us. In the shadows is Matt Hardy.

Matt lost his ECW title at Armageddon. What better way than to have Jeff's titled reign smudged by a jealous, fit throwing, under achiever like Matt. Hell, Jeff could even throw Lita into the mix and we could have a Jerry Springer SMACKDOWN!

We all know the possibilities and the talent that Jeff Hardy has, but I honestly don't think that  "vinnie mac" is going to let Jeff Hardy shine like nuclear bomb he is. The truth of the matter is "familiar" is ratings...HHH is CHAMP...familiar...Edge familiar and on and on...

Even though Jeff Hardy can take this business to new levels as he proved in TNA. "VINNIE MAC" take heed to these words.....GIVE JEFF HARDY HIS EARNED RESPECT IN THIS BUSINESS AND LET HIM TAKE THE TITLE TO THE NEXT LEVEL...IT'S HARDY TIME!!!!!